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8 Affordable and Eco-Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween is a time for spooky costumes, candy, and jolly family traditions. But as we celebrate this holiday, it’s crucial to consider the environmental impact of our choices. Luckily, you can easily create an eco-friendly Halloween costume that’s eco-friendly and supports a sustainable lifestyle.

At the heart of it all, choosing an eco-friendly Halloween costume means making mindful choices that support the health and well-being of our planet, while teaching our kids the importance of going eco friendly. Whether you are creating a costume from scratch, searching for second-hand options at a thrift store, or looking for environmentally friendly alternatives that use less plastic packaging or synthetic materials, there are countless ways to make this Halloween both fun and sustainable.

So, why not consider adopting a few earth-friendly habits for crafting your Halloween costume? There are plenty of creative options that can help protect our planet while still allowing us to express ourselves in fun and exciting ways. So, go ahead, and choose an eco-friendly Halloween costume this year. With so many great options available, there’s no better time than now to start thinking about how you can celebrate an eco-friendly Halloween!


8 easy costume ideas for Halloween

Here are some sustainable Halloween costume ideas that will have guests buzzing at any Halloween party. Most of these are DIY Halloween costumes, which are more eco-friendly, and help to promote a more eco-friendly living.


Creating a sustainable scarecrow costume is a great way to reduce waste and promote eco-friendly fashion choices. To make one, you will first need to gather some basic materials, such as straw hats, shirts, and overalls, along with a pair of old country boots. Once you’ve put on these items, you can begin stuffing your DIY costume with Raffia in various areas, such as the tops of your boots or inside your pockets. You can apply face paint to add a more authentic look to your costume.


Recycled robot.

Design an earth-friendly robotic costume this year that’ll have everyone asking for a second look. Not only does this costume look amazing, but it also helps reuse old paper products that would have otherwise been wasted away!

Making a sustainable robot costume requires old cardboard boxes and paper utensils that you can easily find around your house or at your local recycling center. To get started, start by cutting out shapes from the boxes and other recycled materials to create the basic body and limbs of your robot.

Next, use tape or glue to attach these pieces and add any decorative details that you want. Also, to make your robot more useful and lifelike, you can purchase LED lights or motors from a salvage yard.

Now that you’ve finished your robot costume, add paint highlights to it and you’re done!


Halloween butterfly.

A sustainable butterfly costume is a great choice for any girl looking for an easy last-minute costume. To create one, you will need to start with a few old clothes, such as a jumpsuit, shirt, trousers, or dress in your favorite color.

Once you’ve selected your garment, you can begin adding embellishments or accessories like antennas and headpieces. You can use a variety of natural materials to make these accessories. For example, paper, felt, or silk. This will give your costume a sustainable edge. Additionally, you may also want to use organic paints to enhance the appearance of your costume and bring it to life.

Once you have finished creating your costume and added any necessary accessories, it is time to complete the look with some realistic-looking butterfly wings. There are several different options available for sustainable wings, including silk wings in various colors and patterns or even DIY paper versions that you can cut out yourself.


Spooky tree.

Whether you’re planning on going trick-or-treating with friends or simply attending a Halloween party, this spooky tree costume is sure to be a hit! To make one, you will need some pieces of felt, old branches and leaves, a few cardboard boxes, and old garments.

First, cut out large pieces of felt that can be used to create the shape of a tree trunk and branches. Then, to create an extended base for the tree trunk and branches, cut out pieces of cardboard and glue them underneath the felt. Alternatively, you can use some old branches or sticks for added texture and detail.

Next, start assembling your costume by attaching the pieces to your body using an adhesive or fasteners. Once your costume is assembled, use paint and natural materials like leaves or twigs to decorate your costume further and give it a more authentic look.


Duck costume

Creating a sustainable duck costume can be a fun and environmentally friendly way to celebrate Halloween. To start, you will need to gather some basic supplies, such as a latex duck mask, an old pair of pants, and a t-shirt. You can also use organic cotton balls or pieces of fabric to decorate your costume and add some flair.

Start by decorating the shirt using organic cotton balls and paint. You can also use swimming flippers to create the look of webbed feet on your costume. If your pants aren’t already yellow, you may want to consider them that color before putting them on.

Once you have finished decorating your costume, it is time to put it all together.


Halloween Bride

This bride costume is the perfect way to promote a green Halloween. Start by finding an old gown or dress that you can use for your costume. This can be a thrift store find, or you may even have something in your closet that would work. If it is stained or torn, that’s cheaper and better – this will help to create a more creepy look for your bride’s costume. 

Once you have your dress, you will need to carve some pumpkins to create a bag to go along with your costume a. Simply cut off the top of each and hollow out the insides until you are left with just a shell. You can then use black or red paint to decorate the pumpkins and turn them into creepy little bags that will complement your bride costume, and be perfect for collecting Halloween candy

Finally, use organic body paint to create a scary look. One of the best things about this Halloween bride costume is that all the materials coordinate well with traditional Halloween decorations.



You may utilize your old skeleton costume for this costume. You can either also borrow a skeleton outfit or purchase it from a yard sale. Alternatively, you may make your skeleton costume by rifling through your clothing and utilizing any black item you have in there. You can use anything from an old pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt to a full-body unitard or leotard, depending on what works best for your particular design.

Begin repurposing your old skeleton costume by painting the areas of the skeleton outfit that you want to appear “fleshy” red. kids

Once you have created the basic structure of your costume, it is time to start adding the details that will make it look like a decaying zombie skin. This might include anything from rips and tears in the fabric to ripped-up pieces of cardboard or paper scattered across different parts of the costume. If you have leftover bits of fake fur, fringe, or other textured materials from other DIY projects, you can use these as well to help create an authentic-looking “flesh” appearance on your costume.

Now, it is time to add some finishing touches that will make it come alive! For example, consider using face paint or colored contact lenses instead of wearing a plastic mask to give yourself a more realistic undead appearance. You may also want to add some gory details such as fake blood splatters and other decorations that will make it look like your character has just been through a horrific battle with the living dead!



A nerd costume is a creative last-minute Halloween costume idea for kids if they don’t have anything else to wear. Start by choosing an appropriate collared shirt or borrowing one from your dad’s closet. If you don’t have access to a collared shirt, you can also wear a plain t-shirt instead. Make sure that the shirt fits you comfortably and is not too loose or baggy.

Next, put on a bow tie that you own for a more authentic look. You could also incorporate suspenders to give your costume some interesting visual detail. 

Finally, if you want to complete your nerd costume with some glasses, either wear a pair of your own or borrow one from a friend. Remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple so that your glasses are the main focal point of your look.


How to source eco-friendly costumes

eco-friendly halloween costumesIf you can’t make your own, You could visit thrift stores and yard sales to find used costumes that you can repurpose or customize.

Another great option is to buy an eco-friendly costume from a store or online shop. Many companies now offer sustainable Halloween costumes made from ethically sourced materials like organic cotton or recycled plastic bottles. A variety of merchants on Amazon may offer long-term Halloween costume solutions, for example. Similarly, Buy Nothing Group is an app that connects people who want to share items they own. Etsy also features a wide range of creative alternatives.

So if you’re looking for ways to celebrate an eco-friendly Halloween this year, consider using sustainable costume ideas to create something original. Whether you choose DIY costumes made from discarded materials or shop for an environmentally friendly costume online, the possibilities are endless. What’s important is that you’re reducing your carbon for print for a sustainable living 



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