September 6

Why Environmental Sustainability is Important For Your Children


why environmental sustainability is importantImagine you are walking your child to the park. You reach the park and you realize the grass has died and there are no trees, just heaps of garbage on dry, barren land. You take your kid back home and by the time you get there, you realize the child has become sick from the heat and requires immediate medical attention.

Now, imagine another scenario where you are taking your kid to the park but this time, the streets are clean and free of rotting garbage, a pleasant breeze is flowing throughout the area and there is not even a single drop of sweat on your face. You reach the park and it’s full of lush green grass, trees that provide acres of shade, and a good amount of sunshine for your kid to enjoy.

Which one do you feel is better? Obviously, we all know it’s the second one, and this is exactly why environmental sustainability is important.

It’s not just the amount of trees you plant, or the amount of trash you save from being thrown out, or even reducing the number of harmful gases from vehicles and factories. It’s about how all these combine to create an eco-friendly environment. Now more than ever, the need for moving towards a sustainable future is critical, not just for ourselves, but more importantly for our children.

Reduced breathing problems

You might have noticed that today, people, especially children, develop breathing problems even at a very young age. This is because the number of toxins in the air is now in a far greater quantity than ever before, and with trees being cut down to build colonies and increase raw material for factories, there is less amount of greenery to clean it up.

As the quality of air depleted, the number of respiratory problems rose. As per the record of WHO, over 3 million people die each year because of respiratory problems, many of whom are young children with delicate organs unable to handle such toxicity. Moving towards environmental sustainability would help us reduce this number drastically and keep our children safe from potentially fatal health problems.

Reduced rate of climate change

There has been a drastic change in temperature around us from the days when you were a kid to today when you yourself have kids. The temperature has risen considerably over the past few years, and with the ice caps melting faster than before, it’s only a matter of time before flooding becomes a common issue around us.

If you think climate change is causing problems now, wait till you’re old and your children are left with the mess we all made. One of the reasons why environmental sustainability is important is so that we can reduce the rate of damage before things take a turn for the worse. If we don’t take action now, the world that our kids will be living in is going to be far more unforgiving.

Appreciation for the environment

Perhaps one of the side benefits of going eco friendly is the appreciation that kids will build when they start observing and practicing sustainable actions. The kids will understand the importance of keeping the environment clean and healthy, and once they appreciate it, they are sure to practice eco friendly habits around their home as well.

Ensure a safe environment for generations to come

Let’s face it, we’re not getting any younger. It’s only a matter of years before we are gone and our kids are left to raise their own children in the harsh conditions that we were responsible for creating. Once we start making a habit of eco-friendly practices and using sustainable items, even as small as eco-friendly toilet paper or garbage bags, it is going to impact the children’s behavior as well.

A good habit instilled within the child can go a long way. If we start realizing the importance of environmental sustainability and act on it, we may not be able to clear up the mess we made in our lifetime, but we can be sure that our coming generations will be able to carry on the work for a safer and healthier environment.


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