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Top 10 tech companies using green energy


tech companies using green energyWith the world accelerating towards a greener future, and awareness increasing among people about the harm being brought towards this planet, companies have started to move towards using more green alternatives for their business.

One sector leading from the front is the tech industry, where companies have found innovative ways to make their operations greener and contribute to a healthier planet. Here are the top 10 tech companies using green energy to power their businesses.


Having one of the largest consumer markets on the planet, Apple has taken a big step forward in using green energy for their power consumption. Although not the largest consumer by any means, Apple still boasts an impressive amount of renewable energy being used for their daily operations, including using solar farms for powering their data centers, panels for their retail stores etc. Apple is one of the most efficient users of renewable energy today.


A giant in the electronics division, Philips has dedicated itself to creating energy efficient sustainable products for home and industrial use. One of their main product categories include LED based products, which are some of the most energy efficient in the market. Moreover, Phillips operates a large portion of it’s production units using renewable energy via solar and wind farms, therefore it uses energy efficient methods to use energy efficient products, nice!


A pioneer in providing eco friendly web hosting for homes and businesses, Greengeeks has served thousands if not hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies to set up secure, easy-to-use eco friendly websites at surprisingly affordable prices. They operate by investing three times into renewable energy for every single unit of power they consume, which not only gives them a neutral footprint on the environment, but a positive one, thus given the term 300% green energy!


Our favourite go-to place for all the information we need, google has made a massive impact in the market for green energy, by supporting and working on some of the largest renewable energy based projects worldwide. It has further added to the cause by creating some of the most energy efficient data centers on the planet, and continues to work towards a greener future by investing in wind and solar farms all around the world.


A major shareholder in the computer equipment niche, Dell has introduced a new recycling system which allows them to safely dispose of any electronic products with minimum harm to the environment. To promote their campaign, they allow customers to have their old Dell products recycled free of charge. In order to further add to the cause, Dell has decided to accept any computer equipment for recycling that customers may bring, which may even be from other companies!


Yet another giant in the computer equipment industry, HP has dedicated a major portion of its support team in helping consumers around the globe switch to a more greener way of life. It also has moved itself towards powering more of its operations using renewable energy from wind and solar farms, and continues to work for achieving 100% Eco friendliness in the near future. Lowering its carbon footprint by 33 percent in just a few years, it is one of the fastest transforming tech companies using green energy.


A hub for providing high performance software for graphic designers and illustrators, Adobe has also set a goal for producing software on 100 percent green energy. It strives to provide digital delivery of its products online from data centers running solely on wind and solar power. Adobe has also announced that in the future its products will be fully compatible on systems running on green energy, and allocates a hefty budget every year to promote renewable energy among its consumer market.


Father of Windows, Office and all the good stuff we have in our computers at home and office, Microsoft has been active in some of the largest eco friendly initiatives around the globe. In addition to having some of its new facilities running on 100 percent eco friendly power, Microsoft has also planned to reduce its overall carbon footprint by 70 percent in 2023, and with its data centers already running at 60 percent green energy, they are well on their way to achieving that goal on time.


A global leader in providing business oriented solutions to customers, SAP is dedicated to reducing pollution around the globe by creating a branch of the company specifically for working with green energy. Not only does it run its massive data centers on mainly renewable energy, but has promised to promote green alternatives to its consumers and has also set a goal to run completely on renewable energy in the very near future.


The list ends with the leader in producing and consuming green energy, Intel has been at the top of the list of green tech companies for a while now. With its data centers and manufacturing plants being operated by all kinds of green power sources such as wind, solar, hydro and even biomass, Intel has led the way by even installing around 20 on site solar panels, producing thousands of kW of clean energy for their production plants. The company is actively working to further increase its usage of renewable energy to 100 percent in the future.


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