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10 Benefits of using renewable energy at home


10 benefits of using renewable energy at homeOne of the most important modern questions of the day for most people is to decide whether to go green or not. Whether to invest into renewable energy to power up their home, or to save the money for paying electric bills and retirement funds. 

But breaking the bank for a solar powered home might not necessarily have to be a bad thing. In fact, it may be one of the best investments you’ve ever made! How, you say? Simple, here are the top 10 benefits of using renewable energy at home.

     1. Lower Energy Bills

One of the immediate impacts you will notice would be the dramatic lowering of your energy bills. No more huge electricity bills hanging over your wallet. No more looking at your appliances every time your bill arrives. So sit back, relax and enjoy that air conditioning, your renewable energy supply is taking care of everything!

     2. Lowered Global Warming

Yup, something to cheer about for our penguins and polar bears. According to experts, even one house being powered using renewable energy can help lower global warming big time. Lower amount of fossil fuels being burnt, means lower amount of pollution and waste. The result? Slower melting of ice caps, temperatures no longer soaring to record highs every single year, and no longer the need to buy excessive cooling equipment for your homes. It’s a win win for everyone!

     3. Healthier Lifestyle

Being solely responsible for producing some of the most hazardous cities on the planet, we definitely need to bring a major change in our lifestyle, and one major advantage of switching to green energy for your home is the reduction of health problems among people. Lower amount of harmful emissions from energy plants means a healthier environment for you and others around you. People with breathing problems and conditions such as asthma will no longer have to use their inhalers as often, helping them live a healthier lifestyle, as no matter what renewable energy source you use, it has absolutely zero emissions to harm the environment.

     4. Unlimited Supply

Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energy has no boundaries. There are no power cuts, no shortages, no limitations. Use as much as you want or as little as you want, you will never run out of renewable energy! So if you ever need to have a constant power supply without the hassle of having major power cuts at all the wrong times, why not start thinking of switching to a renewable source.

     5. Lowered Maintenance Cost

Not only do renewable energy companies provide you a long time warranty, the maintenance costs are actually surprisingly low. In fact, you could actually end up saving up to half the amount on maintenance charges as compared to using traditional power sources. Why? Simple, since there are very little or no moving parts, and the generators don’t have to rely on combustible materials or equipment running at thousands of RPM, there are lower chances of you needing maintenance for your energy supply. Another return you get from your short term investment!

     6. You May Actually End Up Making Money

Depending on where you’re from, some electric companies actually allow you to resell your surplus energy to them so they can use it elsewhere. For this purpose, you may need to switch to a two way meter, and the sale price per unit of energy to your local power company may be on the lower side, but that may be well enough to not just cover your energy expenses, but instead of receiving a monthly energy expense bill at the start of each month you may end up receiving a paycheck for your surplus energy that you made for free, how cool is that!

     7. It Can Help Stabilize (or Even Lower) Your Local Energy Prices

One of the benefits of using renewable energy at home is the increase in stability of your energy unit prices. With the amount of demand for non-renewable energy lowering, there actually may be a price drop with the supply reaching demand. Granted not everyone will switch to renewable energy at once, but with each household using renewable energy for their power supply, the stability of the energy prices increases.

     8. Energy Independence

Instead of simply going for partially having your house converted to using renewable energy sources, you may decide to fully run your entire house on solar, wind, hydro or other forms of renewable energy and free yourself from the anxiety of receiving bills from your local energy company. Powering completely on renewable energy means you are no longer dependent on your local power company for supply, maintenance and repair of your energy needs, and if you install batteries for your home, you can even use the surplus gained for later use. More energy saving for you!

     9. More Robust and Reliable

Imagine you’re in a far away area, and the only power supply you have is the one provided by the local company. Suppose you’re suddenly hit by a major storm, or possibly an earthquake, and for some reason your power supply is cut due to a fault in the main cable. What do you do now? Hopelessly wait of course! Now, imagine the same when you have a renewable source, such as solar panels. Wind, rain and even earthquakes can’t stop you now! You still get electricity 24/7, this is the power of renewable energy supply.

     10. Power Your Home Wherever You Are!

Even if you’re in the highest of mountains, or in the deepest of valleys, across the Sahara desert or in the icy coldness of the north and south poles. You may not be able to find a power line there, but you’ll always have an option when it comes to renewable energy, and that is the last and one of the most important benefits of using renewable energy at home; versatility. Power up your house with a renewable energy source and you’d never have to worry about where you live again!


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