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Top 7 bamboo home decoration ideas


Bamboo home decor has gained immense popularity over the years as an eco friendly alternative to wooden furnishing. What started off as a trend set by the eco conscious has now turned into a popular option by homeowners and interior designers alike. Here are some of the best bamboo home decoration ideas to help your home stand out.



What better way to decorate your window than adding a few blinds. Bamboo blinds are not only environmentally friendly, but also help create a vintage look to your bedroom or living room. Bamboo blinds also help reduce the amount of plastic in your home, since traditional blinds are made from non-recyclable plastic and release toxins when they come into direct contact with sunlight.



Bamboo furniture is a great alternative to your traditional wooden furniture made from vintage wood such as mahogany or oak. Wood from these trees takes several years to grow and is chopped down in a matter of minutes, which gives us another reason to choose bamboo home decor. Bamboo furniture also has a built-in antibacterial and anti-fungal, helping it to last longer than your average furniture. Checkout more about why you should consider bamboo furniture for your home.


Bathroom dividers

courtesy: https://www.pinterest.com/dwellingdecor/

Ever seen those beautiful dividers your hotel room or bathroom have? Not only do they provide a bit of privacy, but also help the place look much more spacious and organized. Traditional dividers are made from frosted glass or plastic, but recently bamboo dividers have taken the competition by storm.

These dividers give a very unique, vintage look to the bathroom and give you just enough privacy to do your business without being cut off from the rest of the house. The simplicity, elegance, and eco friendliness of this bamboo home decoration is sure to blow you away!


Candle holders

courtesy: https://www.pinterest.com/otthonsziget/You may have had small candle ornaments such as stands or holders made from plastic, glass and metal on various tabletops across the house, but would you think of a candle holder that you can place pretty much anywhere?

Bamboo shells can act as excellent container alternatives for your candles. Being compact, non flammable and rigid, these can be placed in your bedroom, living room, or even your balcony steps. Not only do they look beautiful, but help get rid of the need for using plastic based candle stands and candle holders.


Wall decor

courtesy: https://www.pinterest.com/alleideen/We’ve talked about using bamboo for furniture, blinds and even candle holders, but what if we place a bunch of bamboo aligned to the side of the wall. Behold, you now have your wall beautifully decorated like a masterpiece from a well-known designer.

Since bamboo is so minimal, it can be easily used almost anywhere in any shape or form, and using bamboo as wall decoration for your home is will surely bring some elegance and class to your rooms.


House plants

courtesy: https://www.pinterest.com/NatDeco01Besides being great for furniture, bamboo can even be grown as a beautiful houseplant right in your home. Contrary to belief, not all types of bamboo shoot up several meters. In fact, there are some varieties that can be grown and maintained as small plants right in your living room, and since bamboo doesn’t require constant care, it can last a very long time (check out more on how you can grow bamboo in your own home).

Bamboo as a houseplant offers a lot of benefits; it cleans the air around us, provides a fresh look to the rest of your home decor and lasts a very long time, what’s not to like!



courtesy: https://www.pinterest.com/nb3al7ala/Apart from being used in a variety of ways, certain bamboo types can simply be used as fillers to help fill the empty space in your room and make it look much more well decorated. When talking about bamboo home decoration as a filler, you don’t really need to think that hard; all you need is a few pieces of bamboo, a vase or a similar container, and you can pretty much place it anywhere you want!


Bamboo home decoration brings a minimalist look to your home while helping reduce your carbon footprint. It helps minimize the use of plastic decor, as well as wooden decoration made by cutting down forests of several year old trees, without you having to compromise on the looks of your home.

Bamboo is certainly a revolutionary product and with the abundance of bamboo available today, we will soon be able to replace most of the plastic and wood in our homes, helping us near our goal of complete sustainability.


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