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Best Eco Friendly Laundry Detergent


Laundry detergent is one of the most commonly used household items around the globe. In fact, the laundry detergent industry was estimated to be around 120 billion US dollars in 2019, making it one of the largest sectors on the planet.

Laundry detergents aren’t exactly sustainable, but thanks to the rapidly developing industry, we have been able to change that. Here are some of the best eco friendly laundry detergents available in the market.


Hex Performance

Specifically made for active-wear, the Hex Performance cleaner is made from a patented eco friendly formula designed to clean all fabric types without being harsh on clothing.






  • Designed for Active-wear, helping them remain breathable and prolong their life
  • Safe for all types of fabrics, gentle on clothing without compromising on cleaning fabrics
  • Doesn’t contain phosphates, dyes, parabens or other harmful chemicals



  • Although safe for other fabrics, it is specifically designed for athletic wear
  • Although the detergent itself is eco friendly, the packaging, however, is made from plastic.


Tru Earth Hypoallergenic

Hailing from Canada, Tru Earth strives to produce light, easy to use eco friendly laundry detergent strips. The company follows strict measures for manufacturing their products and doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to safety or performance.






  • Hypoallergenic – Designed to be gentle on not just clothes, but your skin as well, perfect for people with sensitive skin
  • Eco friendly packaging – Tru Earth makes sure that it’s products are 100 percent environmentally friendly, therefore they only use biodegradable packaging and stay away from plastic at all times
  • Less liquid involved. These eco friendly detergent strips are liquid free, making them easier to store and easier to manage, and more sustainable compared to traditional liquid based detergents.



  • Although not very different from other eco friendly laundry detergents, Tru Earth’s Hypoallergenic detergent strips are just a bit pricier than the others which may not make them everyone’s first choice


Biokleen Natural

Another great eco friendly laundry detergent, Biokleen Natural aims to keep it simple and odor free. A brand well known for producing eco friendly cleaning products since 1989, Biokleen takes one step further towards a sustainable home by introducing a natural, eco friendly laundry detergent that lives up to the brand’s name.





  • Features less than 70% plastic compared to traditional laundry detergent packaging
  • Cardboard and paper used for packaging is 100% recycled
  • Plant-based and odorless, perfect for people allergic to fragrances
  • Great value for money – The most economical eco friendly laundry detergent on this list



  • Although the company has kept plastic usage at a minimum, it still is used for packaging purposes alongside recycled cardboard


Lazy Coconuts

If you ever stumble upon the website of Lazy Coconuts, you’ll pretty much see only one, simple product: eco friendly laundry detergent. Created by a bunch of individuals passionate about saving the environment, Lazy Coconuts proudly displays its product as one of the most environmentally friendly ones in the market, and with sustainable packaging, natural ingredients and no liquid involved, it certainly lives up to its name.





  • Good value for money – 48 loads worth of detergent for the price of 32 loads
  • No plastic involved anywhere, whether it be the detergent, or even the packaging (find out why plastic is so harmful to the environment)
  • Packaging is fully recyclable
  • Free of harmful chemicals including parabens, phosphates, dyes and even bleach
  • Vegan friendly and Hypoallergenic



  • Although the packaging is fully recyclable, it is not made from recycled materials


Sheets Laundry Club

If you live in a dorm or a shared apartment, then a simple, no nonsense eco friendly laundry detergent is all you want, and it’s just what the guys at Sheets Laundry Club offer. Featuring large recycled packs containing several detergent sheets that can be torn to strips based on your loads, they not only offer value for money, but also keep their promise of contributing towards a sustainable environment.





  • Large packs, perfect for shared apartments, dorms or large families
  • The sheets are long lasting and can be stored for up to 3 years without losing their integrity
  • Free of harsh chemicals, including phosphorus and fluorescer.
  • Built-in softener helps clothes retain their softness and keeps them wrinkle free
  • Designed for all types of clothing made from both synthetic and natural fibers.



  • Normally only come in large packages, so if you’re someone who’s living alone, it’s probably going to be a bit overkill for you.


So which is the best eco friendly laundry detergent?

Although every laundry detergent in our list offers good value for money, is safe for use with most fabrics, and delivers on its promise for a sustainable future, there is always going to be one that will stand out from the rest.

Being fully recyclable and biodegradable,  providing great value for money and being a reasonable option for both large and small households, we believe that Lazy Coconuts takes the winning spot for the best eco friendly laundry detergent in the market.


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