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A simple guide to bamboo packaging


Whether you’re a business that’s looking to send a shipment to its customers, or a homeowner simply looking to send a parcel to your loved ones, you’re definitely going to need to properly package whatever you send. The problem is that packaging is often made from plastic bubble wrap or plastic sheets, which is pretty harmful to the environment.

Thankfully, bamboo packaging in recent years has emerged as one of the best alternatives to plastic packaging. Being strong, versatile, and extremely sustainable, here is a simple guide to bamboo packaging and why you should consider it.


Why Bamboo packaging?

bamboo packagingBamboo is a tall, tree-like grass that you would often find Pandas chewing on TV. However, bamboo has so much more to offer than being just a food staple for animals. Bamboo is a versatile, eco-friendly plant that can be used to replace almost anything that involves wood or plastic (Read: Reasons why bamboo is so sustainable).

Bamboo packaging has recently emerged as a sustainable alternative to your average paper-based or plastic packaging. Since bamboo can be so easily grown in almost any climate and within a matter of days, it has quickly become one of the popular materials for producing sustainable packaging and is used widely by some of the largest brands out there.

Apart from being sustainable, here are a few reasons why you should consider bamboo packaging:

Toughness: Bamboo packaging is very tough and can withstand even the roughest manhandling, thanks to its high tensile strength

Temperature resistance: Bamboo packaging is able to resist the harshest of climates. The material has a very low thermal conductivity and can even withstand several hundred degrees (not that you would need to go that far, but it’s still nice to know that it won’t disintegrate in higher temperatures)

Attracts more customers: Everybody these days is looking to become more sustainable, and if you’re a company, what better way to show your customers that you are concerned for the environment? This is not just packaging, it’s a statement to the world that you’re a sustainable brand.


Types of bamboo packaging

At this moment, you’re probably thinking that bamboo packaging is going to look like some dull, cardboard box that isn’t really pleasing to the eye. Well, think again! Since bamboo is so versatile, you can pretty much shape it into anything you want. Here is a small collection by JulyBambu just to give you an idea of the types of packaging you can make from bamboo.


To-go containers and bags

Since bamboo packaging is able to withstand even the harshest temperatures, hot food is pretty much going to be no problem for bags or to-go containers made from bamboo. Since bamboo is pretty tough, it can also hold up much more food than your average paper bag without ripping. If you run a small restaurant, switching to more sustainable packaging such as bamboo is a sure way to make your business more eco-friendly and attract new customers. Although bamboo is relatively newer in this market, there are several other to-go container options worth looking out for as well!


Slide-able boxes

Suppose you have a small gift like a bracelet or a locket that you need to send to a loved one, but don’t really know what to put it in. Enter, slide-able bamboo boxes. These beautiful and minimalist boxes are the perfect packaging you can use to gift that new piece of jewelry, music box, or any small item for that matter. Since the box itself offers an elegant, minimalist vibe, you’re sure to stand out in front of everybody else.


Sustainable cardboard boxes

For those people looking to pack large quantities of items, such as when moving to a new home, why not choose cardboard boxes made from bamboo instead of paper? Paper, even though recycled when it comes to cardboard boxes, is still not as sustainable as bamboo boxes.

Bamboo boxes are not only eco-friendly but also stronger than your conventional cardboard boxes due to their rigid structure. Once used, they can always be recycled into more boxes, whereas cardboard made from paper can be used for making other, more useful items instead.


Gift baskets

This one’s for you if you’re looking to visit a loved one and want to give them a hamper of fresh fruit. One increasingly popular form of bamboo packaging emerging over the past few years has been gift baskets. Apart from being strong, bamboo is very flexible and can be easily bent to take almost any shape or form.

Gift baskets made from bamboo are a perfect way to be more sustainable, and with hundreds of shapes and sizes available in the market, you’ll never notice the difference. In fact, if anything, bamboo baskets would look even more trendy than an average basket made from wood splints or cane.


Using bamboo packaging is an easy way to be more sustainable at home, and with increasing options available in the market every single day, you’ll probably get a better bargain than using plastic, paper or wood-based packaging.


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