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Best eco friendly gifts for teenagers


best eco friendly gifts for teenagersBuying your little toddler a new eco friendly gift is pretty hassle-free. As long as your child finds it fun, it’s a great choice for a gift. Buying gifts for teenagers, however, is a completely different story. Eco friendly gifts for teenagers are much harder to find, since not only do they need to be fun for the young adult but must also have enough meaning for your boy or girl to consider it a good gift. Here are some of the best eco friendly gifts for teenagers available on the market.



Skateboards have pretty much been every teenager’s staple for the past few decades, and like cars in case of adults, teenagers often take pride in customizing their skateboards and fine-tuning them according to their preferences.

The base of the skateboard is often made from wood of maple trees, which themselves take several decades to grow completely. These days, however, bamboo has helped replace the need for chopping down decade old trees for wood. Manufacturers have now begun producing bamboo bases for skateboards which offer the same performance and are much more long lasting due to their durability.

Not only will your boy/girl love their new skateboard, but will also help them make a statement when it comes to being eco friendly, making bamboo skateboard one of the best eco friendly gifts for teenagers



Another essential for every teenager going to middle or high school, backpacks help teens make a statement about themselves. Unfortunately, most backpacks we have today are made from plastic or plastic based materials such as nylon and polystyrene.

Since the bag is completely made of non-biodegradable (and in many cases, non-recyclable) materials, backpacks are also a major pollutant on land. Thankfully though, eco friendly backpacks have made it possible to ditch nylon-based bags for more sustainable alternatives.

Eco friendly backpacks are made from natural materials such as cotton, bamboo fabric or denim, as well as other resources that are abundantly available. Since these bags are made from natural materials, they can easily biodegrade in most cases.

Your son or daughter is also going to love their new backpack since it is much softer and easier to carry than hard nylon or parachute based backpacks, making it another great eco friendly gift for teenagers.


Bath Bombs

Small, fun, and having minimal waste, a pack of beautiful bath bombs is the perfect eco friendly gift for teenagers. Bath bombs are often made with natural ingredients and dyes, which includes baking soda, cornstarch, citric acid, and almond oil.

Bath bombs are free from harmful chemicals, making them safe to get washed away with the water. Every teenage daughter loves to spend time taking care of herself, and giving her a gift that would help her enjoy it more is sure to bring her joy.


Makeup kit

If you have a teenage daughter, you know the importance of makeup in her life. In fact, she probably loves her makeup kit more than anything else. However, makeup kits, especially brushes, aren’t really eco friendly.

Makeup brushes are often made using wood or plastic for handles, and nylon or animal hair for the bristles. Not only are they the opposite of eco friendly, but some companies don’t even follow ethical procedures especially when sourcing animal hair, leaving several animals traumatized or even dead during the sourcing process. Thankfully though, there is a sustainable solution: eco friendly makeup kit.

Companies such as Honeybee gardens have taken the opportunity to take advantage of sustainable resources available today to produce environmentally friendly makeup brush kits made from completely biodegradable and recyclable materials.

The handle is often made from bamboo, which is known for its sustainability, whereas the bristles are made from taklon, a synthetic alternative to animal hair. Even the ferrules are made from recycled materials such as aluminium, making each brush several times more sustainable than your average makeup kit.

There is no better way to show appreciation for your teenage daughter than by gifting her the thing that she cherishes most, which makes a sustainable makeup kit one of the best eco friendly gifts for teenagers.


Notebook set

Fancy journals and notebooks have always been the talk of the town in middle and high schools. Teens, especially girls, love to show off their studying material and stand apart from the rest of the class. Even at home, a fancy journal is a teenager’s best friend, where she writes her deepest thoughts and memories to keep safe from the world.

However, virgin paper isn’t environmentally friendly, and with thousands of trees being cut down everyday to source pulp for paper, things aren’t getting any better. Thankfully though, there are several companies who are now offering notebooks made from eco friendly paper such as recycled paper and even bamboo pulp (yes, bamboo is that versatile! Find out more about what makes bamboo so sustainable).

To make things more fashionable, these notebooks are often engraved or lined with sustainable ink to give it a more minimalist, yet elegant look. But don’t take my word for it, check out these beautiful pocket notebooks embedded with daisy seeds, they’ll surely leave all your daughter’s friends in awe! In fact, there are so many options you can choose from that everytime you decide on something you’ll find something that is even more beautiful, making it the perfect eco friendly gift for teenagers.


Your son or daughter’s teenage years are where they begin to learn more about life and its problems. While they learn how the world works, why not educate them on how to make the world a better place by giving them something meaningful and eco friendly, so that they learn how to be a giver themselves, while learn the importance of a greener future.


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