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Top 5 gifts for environmentalists


gifts for environmentalistsMany people today are moving towards a more sustainable way of living, and it’s only inevitable that along with you, some of your friends transition to become environmentalists. However, buying gifts for environmentalists on a special occasion, say, a birthday or Christmas, can be challenging. Thankfully though, there are numerous sustainable options you can choose from today; here are the top 5 gifts for environmentalists you can find easily on the market.


Reusable travel utensils

Disposable utensils are not only an inconvenience but also a problem for the planet. Unfortunately while traveling or at a takeout restaurant, you often don’t have any other option than to use their non-reusable plastic cutlery, which at the end of the day gets thrown away into the trash.

Plastic cutlery is one of the biggest pollutants on the planet, but on the other hand, you can’t just start packing your silverware everywhere you go, can you? Thankfully, reusable travel utensils made from recycled material have taken the market by storm and can be a great budget-friendly gift for environmentalists. They’re light, portable, and can easily be cleaned for reuse several times, perfect for a long trip away from home.


Eco friendly shopping bags

Eco friendly shopping bags are another one of the top gifts for environmentalists on our list. But why would you give someone shopping bags as a gift? Shopping bags don’t just mean those dull, light bags you buy in bulk at the store.

In fact, you can make reusable shopping bags out of anything, and with a little creativity, you can make them a perfect gift for your eco-conscious loved ones (Here’s a post on how to make your own eco friendly shopping bags). The best part? You’ll probably be using things you already have at home, so they’re budget-friendly too!

Eco friendly shopping bags can be a great homemade gift that environmentalists are sure to appreciate, and with a little personal touch, they’re sure to impress others too.


Reusable water bottles

Whether you’re looking to go for a workout at the gym or just a picnic with your loved ones, a water bottle is pretty much going to be essential. However, most water bottles today are made from single-use plastic, and once used up have to be thrown away.

Reusable water bottles can be a great gift for environmentalists, since not only are they a sustainable replacement for traditional single-use plastic bottles but are also one of the most practical gifts you could give. These days, eco friendly water bottles are available in different sizes, materials, as well as designs, so you can choose the one that best suits the personality of your loved ones.


Sustainable deodorant

courtesy: www.bewellow.comAlthough deodorants have come a long way since the 1980s where they were single-handedly responsible for depleting a chunk of the ozone layer, they are still riddled with chemicals that get washed away and harm the environment.

Apart from chemicals, the packaging itself isn’t exactly environmentally friendly; deodorant companies use a combination of plastic and metal to make their containers, which makes them an even greater environmental hazard.

Sustainable deodorants are often made from natural ingredients and only use recycled or sustainable material for packaging their sprays. Although the packaging may contain some metal, they are much more sustainable than the traditional containers having heaps of plastic bits. Sustainable deodorant can be a great gift for environmentalists, as it is both good for your skin and the environment.


Eco friendly clothes

Clothes are a great gift for anyone, no matter the occasion, but what if you can take it to the next level and give your loved ones eco friendly clothes instead? Surprisingly, eco friendly clothes have become a huge thing in recent years with the eco-conscious community demanding sustainable practices and materials for manufacturing.

Eco friendly clothes are made from sustainable materials and cut down as much plastic from production as possible. If plastic-based materials (such as polyester) are absolutely necessary, eco friendly clothing brands make use of a special fiber called rPET (r stands for recycled), making production much more sustainable than sourcing fresh plastic (Check out the most popular sustainable clothing brands in the US, UK, and Australia).

Today, there are several eco friendly clothing brands across the globe, offering sustainable, yet fashionable alternatives for your wardrobe, making them one of the perfect gifts for environmentalists.


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