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Top 7 Eco Friendly Clothing Brands in Australia


Eco Friendly Clothing Brands in AustraliaDid you know? Australia is one of the top countries running on renewable energy. The land down under is greener than you think, and recently many fashion brands in Australia have also embraced the eco friendly lifestyle. Here are the top 7 eco friendly clothing brands in Australia.


A BSCI and WRAP certified company, Nico aims to create garments using only organic and recycled cotton. The company has its production headquarters in Bangladesh and has been able to reduce the CO2 emissions by a huge margin due to its sustainable practices. Nico has been predominantly offering premium underwear to the Australian community but has also recently moved into other clothing departments such as pants, sleeves, and jumpers.

Organic Crew

Premium garments using organic material and sustainable practices, this is what Organic Crew is all about. Based in Melbourne, the company has worked tirelessly to create a supply chain that follows all responsible practices and produces some of the most luxurious garments in Australia. However, being a premium brand, the prices for these garments also tend to be on the higher side, but if you’re willing to spend a few extra dollars then the quality is surely worth it.

Vege Threads

If you live anywhere in Victoria, then you’ve probably heard of Vege Threads. A company that takes pride in bringing Australian made garments to the public, Vege Threads stresses on creating products from reusable and recyclable material only. The company is also a partner of 1% For The Planet foundation and is also active in various eco friendly promotions such as beach cleanups in partnership with the Clean Coast Collective foundation.


From basics to loungewear, to sportswear, Boody has undoubtedly one of the biggest collections of all the eco friendly clothing brands in Australia. The company uses special fabric created from bamboo which is not only sustainable but also has been reported to be extremely comfortable by its users.

The company also grows its bamboo using responsible practices such as organic farming, and natural irrigation. Realizing the importance of making a green impact, Boody has also partnered with several foundations such as Greening Australia, Propeller Projects, and Thread Together.

Salt Gypsy

Australian beaches are simply too irresistible, and if you’re living in Australia, there’s a rare chance you haven’t been to one. Salt Gypsy helps even making your trip to the beach sustainable; the company offers a wide collection of swimwear for women, created using 100% regenerated nylon yarn, which is not just eco friendly but also more durable than traditional fabric.

The company specializes in creating all kinds of swimwear for women and has recently started producing hand-printed t-shirts as well. Next time you’re shopping for a new swimsuit, do consider having a look at their collection.


If you have kids, then you’re going to love this store! This sustainable clothing brand produces beautifully designed dresses for little girls created from 100% organic cotton. The company is also dedicated to responsible practices, and with its factories in India and China being audited by SMETA, it has set high standards when it comes to sustainable operations.

The fabrics of Oobi are also tested by TUV Rheinland and have remained active in the eco friendly movement by partnering with several foundations.


Elk is a brand famous for not just clothing, but also jewelry, accessories, footwear, and handbags. The company is famous for its transparency throughout the process and has been applauded for its use of sustainable materials and responsible practices in its operations.

The company has recently set a goal to become a carbon-neutral and to use all-sustainable materials throughout its supply chain by 2025.


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