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Top 7 Eco friendly fashion brands in the UK


eco friendly fashion brands in the ukChanging to a lifestyle that is greener, why not consider changing your fashion brand too? There are tons of sustainable clothing brands available these days, but which ones are the best for you? If you live in the UK, you’re in luck, because here are the best eco friendly fashion brands in the UK where you can shop right now.



Boden is easily one of the more known names of fashion brands in the UK. With over 30 years of experience in apparel, the company has now taken a step forward towards sustainability and has teamed up with countries such as China and India. The company stresses fair trade policies and has made responsible sourcing and sustainable packaging their top priority. Moreover, their wide range of clothing for almost any occasion makes them a perfect one-stop-shop for sustainable clothing.


People Tree

If you’re looking for sustainable casual wear, then People Tree is the way to go. This eco friendly fashion brand is dedicated to a greener environment and is one of the most active apparel brands in the UK working for a sustainable future. The cotton used by People Tree is PETA certified, which means that it is completely vegan and its supply chain is animal-free. The company is also a proud member of the Soil Association and the World Fairtrade Organization. If you’re vegan, this brand will surely make a statement for you.



Thought Clothing

A brand that really stands out when it comes to creating eco friendly apparel, Thought Clothing uses only sustainable fiber for its operations. This includes bamboo, Tencel, and organic cotton. The company is also a supporter of the thoughtful foundation and strives to give all it’s employees fair wages and the environment, regardless of the country. The company also provides customers with responsibly made accessories to go with their apparel. If you’re looking for a fun dress to wear at your next family get together, consider having a look at the collection at Thought Clothing.



UK’s next top eco friendly fashion company is a glasses brand that originated in Sweden. Realizing that the glasses market is plagued with plastic frames made using harmful processes, CHPO has introduced eco friendly glass frames into the market. Made from recycled plastic using ethical practices, these frames provide you the style without reduced quality. The company also makes watches and straps using recycled material, and they’re all at affordable prices! So whenever you’re shopping for a good watch or a pair of cool-looking glasses, you can always find them at a great price at CHPO.


Beaumont Organic

Another one of the eco friendly fashion brands in the UK is Beaumont Organic, a company that focuses on creating fabric from eco friendly materials such as linen and organic cotton. The company is more oriented towards casual wear but also creates formal clothing and accessories for those who are interested. If you’re looking for great tops or matching bottoms you want to wear around the house, then this is a great place to shop.



One of the founding members of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), Monsoon clothing prides itself on following strict ethical practices while producing its products. Their organic cotton is GOTS certified and all employees are given a proper work environment for their operations.The collection of apparel at Monsoon is fairly broad, featuring casual wear for both women and children, as well as sustainably created formal wear for those who fancy. Mothers are going to love this store!




If you’re looking for a beautiful bag made from eco friendly material, then Ellyla is the fashion brand for you. The bags are made using only sustainable materials such as bamboo, jute, and organic cotton, and are sourced from farms following sustainable practices. Many of the bags are also handmade and yet surprisingly affordable (a beautiful clutch bag can cost as low as £30!). The company is proudly vegan and supports the protection of animals and the environment. It’s parent company, WeEarthLondon, also offers other products such as toiletries and homeware, all made from sustainable ingredients. To top it off, most products have a free delivery option across the UK.


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