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Recycled Paper Booklets – The Benefits and Where to Buy Them


recycled paper booklets

Paper production is one of the most significant contributors to pollution in the world, with an estimated 353 million tonnes of paper waste generated yearly. Every piece of paper a person uses has an ecological cost associated with its production, including deforestation and energy consumption. If left unchecked, this will have irreversible consequences on our environment; thus, we must look for more eco-friendly paper options and recycled paper booklets as the solution.

Recycled booklets are produced using recycled materials, reducing the amount of waste generated while also aiming to find ways to improve the sustainability of printing processes. There are a variety of options available when considering custom-printed booklets; even Amazon offers recycled printing solutions at a fraction of the cost, making recycled booklet printing solutions accessible to everyone.

Paper Production Impact; Why Recycled Paper is a Better Option

Despite cheap booklet printing being convenient and cost-effective for businesses, many corporations are unaware of the environmental and social costs of paper production. Paper production is a vast industry that produces much pollution, uses up resources, and depletes forests.

To help navigate this hazardous industry, one should start re-using paper where possible and only select eco-friendly paper options while buying– such as the use of recycled paper booklets. Not only do recycled paper booklets reduce environmental degradation from the cutting of trees needed to make new paper products, but they also greatly decrease water consumption with the lack of bleaching processes needed for regular paper.

Furthermore, opting for print companies that offer eco-friendly options helps support sustainable business practices that benefit our planet in the long run. There are reputable print companies such as Amazon that offer cheap designs on recycled booklet printing which ensure consumers have access to eco-friendly materials without compromising on print quality.

Benefits of Using Recycled Paper Products

Adopting recycled paper booklets comes with a bounty of advantages that can be reaped by businesses, the natural environment, and people alike.

  • Recycling paper booklets helps to conserve natural resources, by reducing the number of trees cut down for manufacturing paper goods.
  • It also reduces energy usage, associated with paper goods production, helping to lower greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a healthier environment.
  • Recycled paper booklets have a decreased demand for new materials and less reliance on fossil fuels which helps reduce pollution levels in the air and water sources.
  • Recycled paper booklets require less water usage than traditional paper goods production methods since they are manufactured using existing materials that need not be bleached or processed using large amounts of water.
  • Not only does this help to save precious water reserves but it also eliminates the need for incineration of paper which can lead to toxic air emissions and other hazardous by-products of burning papers.
  • The use of recycled paper booklets also helps to reduce landfill space by reusing already existing materials rather than generating more waste from manufacturing new products which would needlessly take up valuable space in landfills over time.

Eco-friendly Recyclable Booklet Options Available on Amazon

Choosing an eco-friendly booklet for your business doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. Here are a few high-quality and stylish options available on Amazon that will make your booklets stand out from the crowd.

Roaring Spring – One Subject Wire bound Notebook

With its superior quality printing, the Roaring Spring One Subject Wire Bound Notebook is the perfect choice for anyone seeking exceptional page booklet solutions. It includes 80 sheets of 15# recycled white paper that is college-ruled with a margin.


  • Eco-friendly: made with 30% post-consumer recycled paper
  • Printed initials can be requested on the front cover
  • College-ruled pages with a margin for neat note-taking
  • Quality printing in a printed booklet format


  • Customized printing services require special orders from the supplier.
  • Only one subject per notebook

PAPERAGE – Recycled Lined Journal

For those looking for an eco-friendly, high-quality journal to write in, this is the ideal option. It’s thicker than most writing pads and notebooks yet still allow smooth penmanship without ghosting or bleed-through – perfect for both left and right-handed writers.


  • Eco-friendly design made with recycled materials
  • High-quality 100gsm acid-free paper prevents ghosting and bleeds through
  • Rounded corners create a comfortable feel in the hand
  • Includes expandable inner pocket for additional storage
  • Sticker label, ribbon bookmark & elastic closure band
  • Saddle-stitched binding allows the journal to lay flat & be used comfortably by left & right handed users


  • Only one-page style (lined) available – not ideal for bullet styling
  • More expensive than other print companies that offer saddle-stitched booklet printing

Sea View Treasures Store – Recycled Paper Notebooks

Sea view booklets are the perfect pocket-size notepads for any occasion. These 5.5” x 4″ notebooks feature 40 double-sided ruled pages bound with heavy-duty craft card covers made from 80% post-consumer recycled material, making them eco-friendly.


  • Made from 80% post-consumer recycled material, making it is eco-friendly and resourceful.
  • It can be customized with stamping, corporate logos, stickers, or even jewels
  • Perfect size for college classes, office meetings, and field notes
  • Can add promotional sayings or company messages/logos
  • Heavy-duty craft card covers provide durability
  • Single pages can easily be removed without damaging the notebook


  • Size may vary slightly by up to 1/4″ of an inch.
  • If you are looking for something larger than 5.5” x 4″, this may not fit your needs.
  • Additional customization might require you to contact customer service.

Lemome Store – Natural Cork Hardcover Writing Notebook

For those seeking a special, eco-friendly notebook with superior paper and a robust cover, this Hardcover Writing Notebook is an ideal choice. Not only does its cork hardcover add a luxe touch to the book, but it’s also soft like leather!

Beyond that, this amazing thread-bound lay-flat design means you can effortlessly read or take notes without any distractions while all of its pages are micro-perforated for easy removal when needed.


  • Durable cork hardcover that is soft to the touch
  • Thread-bound lay-flat design for convenient reading or note-taking
  • Micro-perforated pages for easy archiving or tearing out
  • Sewn elastic pen holder, expandable pocket, elastic closure strap, and one ribbon bookmark included
  • High-quality acid-free writing paper that is 20%-50% thicker and smoother than normal paper


  • Not preferable if you’re looking for a custom booklet
  • No information related to how many pages are included in each booklet

Final Thoughts

We’ve highlighted some of our favorite eco-friendly notebooks that offer great features like customized printing, high-quality paper, expandable pockets, micro-perforated pages, and durable covers. With these tips in mind, you should now have an easier time finding the ideal journal or notepad to suit both your writing style as well as lifestyle.


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