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5 of the best recycled printing paper brands


recycled printing paper brandRecycled printing paper has become exceptionally popular due to its contribution towards an eco friendly environment. The recent popularity motivated several paper companies to go green, and today they are some of the most popular recycled printing paper brands on the market. However, with that said, not all brands are the same, as each of them serves a different target market and uses different ways to recycle printing paper (Check out my article on the eco-friendliness of recycled printing paper). 

Choosing the right recycled printing paper brand for your needs is important, as paper in companies is often bought in bulk (which costs a lot of money), whereas for homes it’s often bought in smaller quantities (which also cost a lot if you’re not choosing the right brand). Thankfully though, I’ve scraped the internet and found 5 of the best recycled printing paper brands in the market.


So without further delay, let’s get right to it…


  1. Amazon basics 30% recycled printing paper ($9.99)

Amazon basics is known for offering daily use items at a much more economical price and has recently emerged as a recycled printing paper brand as well. These reams are made from partially recycled paper, which is why it comes at number 5 in our list.





  • Incredibly cheap; this brand is cheaper than all the others on this list (when bought as a single ream)
  • Lower recycled content means a brighter paper than 100% recycled paper
  • Acid-free sheets
  • Pretty dull packaging
  • Only 30% recycled, which means 70% is still virgin paper, so not completely eco friendly.


  1. Printworks 100% recycled paper ($11.99)

This USA brand is known for producing some of the best multipurpose recycled paper in the market, and similar goes for printing paper as well. Since 1964, the company has continuously promised to offer premium quality paper products and does not compromise on sustainability. The company also delivers on its promise, as it has reached almost 1000 positive reviews on this single product with an overall 4.5-star rating!




  • Premium quality bright paper
  • Premium packaging
  • Selected as Amazon’s choice for recycled printing paper
  • Priced higher than Amazon basics
  • 1 ream only has 400 sheets instead of the standard 500
  • Packaging contains poly wrap, which means there may be plastic involved


  1. Hammermill printer paper ($12.39)

Yet another company that is known for producing top-quality printing paper, hammermill has entered as a recycled printing paper brand with a number of unique traits such as a jam-free guarantee and a unique contrast paper that helps improve readability. The product is selected by amazon for being climate pledge friendly, which is also acknowledged by the customers who gave this product a total of 4.5-star rating from over 2500 votes.



  • Give a 99.99% jam-free guarantee, and would replace your ream with a new one if your paper gets jammed more than once in 10,000 sheets.
  • Paper and packaging are both made from 100% recycled paper
  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified paper
  • Contrasted paper to help with readability
  • A bit more expensive than your average printing paper
  • Being recycled, paper is not completely white


  1. Hammermill 30% recycled copy paper pallet ($2325)

If you’re a business that often works with printing paper, then hammermill’s recycled printing paper palette is the best choice for you. This palette features 80 cartons, each containing 5 reams of 500-sheet 30% recycled paper. If we calculate the cost of one ream, that’s about $5.81 per ream, which is about 50% of the price of buying a regular ream from the same vendor.




  • Great value for money at just under $6 a ream
  • Known to work great with both copying machines and printing machines
  • Bright paper due to low recycled content
  • Only 30% recycled, meaning the rest is virgin pulp
  • Not suitable for individual buyers (What are you going to do with 400 reams?!)


  1. HP recycled printing paper ($11.99)

The list of printing papers wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the biggest name in the printing market. HP is one of the biggest players in the printing business and with its range of recycled printing paper reams designed specifically for its printers (which are obviously the most widely used printers in the world) they’ve really taken their game to the next level. Although the paper is only 30% recycled, they have received countless accolades on the sustainability of this particular product.



  • Selected as a Climate Pledge Friendly member by Amazon
  • Pulp sourced from only renewable forest resources
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper
  • Acid-free paper
  • The contrasted paper offers better colors and readability of prints
  • Paper is 30% recycled, meaning although renewable, it still uses virgin pulp.





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