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Is Amazon Basics recycled printing paper worth it?


The Amazon Basics recycled printing paper is a great option for those looking to be eco-conscious. Made with 30% recycled materials, the paper provides the perfect balance between quality and sustainability. The cost is unbeatable as well, making it a very affordable choice for any project.

Why read this article?

Shopping around for paper products can be overwhelming, especially today when so many options are available. From the amount of recycled content to thickness and weight, there are all different types of products on the market.

The Amazon Basics recycled printing paper provides an eco-friendly alternative that meets most requirements for quality. In this article, we’ll explain why this paper is a great choice for anyone looking to minimize environmental impact.

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One Size Fits All

Amazon basics recycled printing paper

The Amazon Basics product line gives consumers a one-stop option for just about anything they could want or need. There is not only a large range of products in each category, but it also means that consumers won’t have to shop around quite as much if they just want one item from the brand, like the paper in this case.

This eases headaches without sacrificing too much time or effort shopping around. On top of that, the cost is unbeatable, making this brand even more appealing to those looking for quality without a large budget.

Amazon Basics recycled printing paper is great for the environment

The Amazon Basics recycled printing paper comes in most standard sheet sizes, so it’s perfect for any project that needs to be printed. Each sheet has 30% post-consumer waste fiber, which means that only 70% of the product consists of new material.

This lessens landfill waste considerably while still providing an affordable option to consumers. With other brands’ products often costing about $1 or $2 more per ream, choosing the Amazon Basics brand could save consumers money in the long run as well.

Ream bundles available

Amazon Basics recycled printing paper is available in ream bundles of 3, 5, and 10. Each ream comes with 500 sheets, and although you also have the option to buy a single ream, buying in bulk is the most cost-effective option. Saves money, saves space! This is especially great if you plan to use the paper often, such as in an office setting.

Cost compared to other eco friendly printing paper brands

A standard ream of Amazon Basics recycled printing paper is less than other competitor brands and goes on sale frequently. With 30% recycled content, this eco-friendly option beats out the competition in price. Other brands might charge about $5 or more per ream while only providing slightly higher percentages of recycled content.

Since the prices often fluctuate for products, we can’t really mention the exact price, but we can guarantee it will be much lower than other brands out there. Don’t believe us? Check out the link below and see for yourself!

Is 30% recycled enough though?

Although the Amazon Basics recycled printing paper provides a significant amount of recycled material, it still does have 70% virgin content. However, this is something that can be said about most brands on today’s market considering recycling paper takes time and resources which means more money needs to be spent, even though they’re able to incorporate more recycled material.

On top of that, eco-friendly standards are always changing as awareness grows in society. The amount will likely change over time, and as awareness increases for these standards, many manufacturers will continue to increase the percentage of post-consumer waste used in their products. We could only hope that every brand would use 100% recycled paper but for now, 30% is a great start.

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What customers have to say

With over 78 thousand ratings, the Amazon Basics recycled printing paper is one of the most reviewed throughout the entire store, and with an average rating of 5, customers simply cannot seem to get enough of the brand! Here are a few reviews from anonymous customers taken straight from the review section:

I wanted to print out several copies of our youth group’s notes, and my computer is not set up for printing. I went with the Amazon Basics brand to save money, but couldn’t be happier with the quality!
I run a small business out of my home which means I rely on our copier often. It gets quite pricey when I use other brands for printing, so this one has really saved me in the long run.
This paper was excellent to print photos on! None of them got stuck together while they were drying which used to happen all the time with other brands.
I didn’t really have a need for this paper, but I’m so glad I ordered it! It saved my computer from an unfortunate accident. Thank you, Amazon!

Although it was very hard to find negative reviews, there was one we were able to find. After all, you should show both the good and the bad sides of a product:

I didn’t really think the recycled content would make a difference but it certainly does. Although quite minimal, I was certainly able to notice the difference between this paper and others I had used previously. But I guess there have to be some caveats for using recycled paper, so I’m totally okay if it helps the environment

Is Amazon Basics recycled printing paper worth it?

All in all, this is a great choice for those looking to be eco-conscious without sacrificing much in terms of quality. The price point is very affordable when compared to other brands, and the large range of sheet sizes means that consumers won’t have to search around quite as much if they’re just looking for one product from the brand. For anyone wanting quick access to hundreds of products at an accessible cost, the Amazon Basics line is well worth considering.

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With our help, the world will be a greener place!


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