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How to recycle cardboard – Easy tips for beginners!


Cardboard is one of the most recycled materials in the world and it is considered to be a relatively eco friendly resource compared to alternatives such as plastic. There are many ways to recycle your cardboard and you should always do your best to recycle everything, especially when it’s as easy as throwing it into your city’s curbside recycling bin! This article will focus on how to recycle cardboard, what things to keep in mind, and what you may need to avoid.


Why should you recycle cardboard?

The most important reason to recycle cardboard is the fact that it’s so easy! Cardboard does not have many chemical components in it so there are no complicated recycling procedures. All you need to do is flatten out your cardboard, throw it into a curbside recycling bin, and bam – you’re done! You can also go one step further by separating different kinds of paper to make sure that all the types of paper are recycled properly. This will keep them from getting mixed up with each other during the recycling process which can affect how well they get recycled.


What should you know about recycling cardboard?

Although there isn’t much for you to worry about when it comes to recycling cardboard, there are still some guidelines to follow. These guidelines aren’t actually very complicated but you should always keep them in the back of your mind when recycling cardboard:

  • Cardboard can be recycled at any time and does not have to be put out for collection on a specific day. However, many cities have started recycling programs that reward people for putting their cardboard at the curbside on a certain day to help with planning and logistics. If you’re interested in getting involved, check to see what days your city has designated as recycling days so that you can make sure your cardboard is ready!
  • Only clean corrugated cardboard should be recycled because dirty or food-contaminated products will contaminate other types of paper as well as other kinds of recyclable materials.
  • The cardboard should be flattened so that it takes up less space after you recycle it. Flatten your cardboard by using a rolling pin or something similar!
  • If you have other paper to recycle, try to place them in separate bags so that they don’t get mixed up with each other or other recyclable materials. This will keep the recycling process running smoothly and efficiently.

Although these guidelines are not very complicated, sometimes people who do not know much about recycling may accidentally contaminate their cardboard waste. It’s important to let people know how easy it really is to recycle cardboard so that everyone can help make our planet greener!


What shouldn’t you do when you’re recycling cardboard?

how to recycle cardboardWhile it may be tempting to put your cardboard in a trash bag and then throw it in the recycling bin, this is not allowed for several reasons:

  • Adding any non-recyclable materials into your cardboard waste can contaminate the entire batch of recyclables. You should recycle only clean corrugated or carton board because dirty or food contaminated products will also contaminate paper and other types of recyclable materials.
  • If you have more than one type of paper to recycle, try to place them in separate bags so that they don’t get mixed up with each other or other recyclable materials. This will ensure that all different types of paper are recycled properly and separately and that no contamination occurs.
  • Trash bags can also cause a problem because if the bag tears open it may contaminate other recyclables or even other trash that gets picked up by recycling trucks. If you must use trash bags, why not use biodegradable ones? This will lead to less contamination and allow more of the cardboard waste to be recycled properly. We recommend using one of the better brands such as Hippo Sak which offers different sizes and varieties.
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How to recycle cardboard at home?

It’s not very difficult to recycle your cardboard waste – all you really need is a city that has curbside recycling! All cities with curbside recycling services should provide some type of paper bin or cart such as a blue bin for plastics, glass, and cans; a green bin for yard trimmings; and a brown bin (or several) for different types of paper including corrugated cardboard.

The most common way people recycle their cardboard is by throwing it into their city’s paper recycling bin.

All cities have different rules for the types of materials that can be placed in these bins, so check your local government website or give your city a call to find out what rules and guidelines apply to you!


The benefits of recycling your cardboard!

The most obvious benefit to recycling your cardboard waste is that it can be turned into a new corrugated board or carton board which means we aren’t wasting anything! Also, as previously mentioned, recycled paper products such as cardboard can be made from 100% recycled materials. This is a great way to help the environment and save people money at the same time!

Recycling is not only a great way to help save the environment, but it’s also a great form of free money! Some cities have recycling programs that reward residents for recycling their cardboard. These rewards can be anything from gift cards to clothing coupons and even rebates on your utility bill! Not only do you get something cool in return for recycling, but you also encourage others to recycle as well. This makes our planet a better place for everyone!

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Now that you know how easy it is to recycle your cardboard waste, why not try recycling today? If you don’t already have curbside recycling in your area, look into starting some sort of collection program in your community so that everyone can do their part to save the environment!

Most cities allow people to drop off clean corrugated or carton boards at any local recycling center. If you want to be extra environmentally friendly, consider making the trip to your local recycling center every now and then just to be sure you’re getting rid of all your cardboard waste properly. The more people who recycle their cardboard, the greener our planet becomes!



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