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Hippo Sak bags customer reviews: Are they worth it?


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When it comes to finding sustainable alternatives for trash bags, the name Hippo Sak always tends to surface among consumers. Founded in 1991, Hippo Sak has been working to develop an array of plastic bag alternatives made from sustainable materials using sustainable processes, with the aim to reduce the overall carbon footprint and promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle. But does this trash bag company live up to its name?

What are Hippo Sak bags made of?

Hippo Sak produces bags made from two different materials:

  • Plant-based
  • Recycled plastic

The main ingredient in plant-based trash bags is sugarcane. The pulp extracted from the cane is processed to produce a thin, durable plastic-like substance, then molded to create trash bags of all sizes. These bags are claimed to be fully recyclable and biodegradable, meaning they have a very small carbon footprint compared to their plastic counterparts.

The plastic bags created by the company are 100% made from recycled plastic. This involves plastic being extracted from beaches and the oceans and sourced from developing countries (the biggest victims of pollution). The plastic is then recycled into the thin film used to make the trash bags.

Throughout the process, Hippo Sak claims to only use sustainable processes for manufacturing their products. The company believes that in order to be true, sustainable operations are equally as important as sustainable sourcing. 

Hippo Sak claims that through their sustainable practices and sourcing, they manage to reduce over 2 Kg in Carbon Dioxide emissions and 2 liters of fossil fuels being burnt with every Kg of raw material used for manufacturing their products. All plant-based trash bags are 

Although Hippo Sak deals with several types of trash bags such as scrap bags, pet bags, and diaper disposal bags, the most popular products are large and extra-large trash bags for kitchen use, suitable for large trash cans. 

The company is so environmentally conscious that even the power strip used to provide extra strength at the bottom of the large trash bags is made from recyclable plastic or plant-based material; so every time you buy a pack from Hippo Sak, you can be sure that they’re made from 100% recyclable or biodegradable material.

Customer Reviews of Hippo Sak brand

In order to determine whether the claims made by the company, we decided to conduct a survey and find out directly from the customers what they think about Hippo Sak and whether it delivers on its promise. For this, we used the Hippo Sak Locator to find local stores and supermarkets selling the brand in our area. 

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were unable to have a lot of interaction with people, and many stores that were listed on the locator had mostly run out of Hippo Sak products. However, we were able to get reviews from 10 different people who were regular buyers of the alternative trash bag brands. 

Here are a few things 5 of them had to say about Hippo Sak and why they like/dislike the brand. To ensure the anonymity of the consumers, we’ll not be disclosing the locations and the last names

For me, it’s all about convenience. I live just a few blocks away and being an environmentalist, I’m always looking out for products that can help me be more eco friendly without actually traveling 4 miles to get them; and since on every second grocery store you can find the Hippo Sak brand available, I prefer buying them over other brands.
– Ellie

What can I say, they’re pretty easy to find. My kids were allergic to the smell of the regular trash bags you usually find in the supermarket, I guess it has something to do with the chemicals. I’ve tried other brands as well, and although my kids aren’t sneezing around the house anymore, I still felt a pungent smell which was irritating. Hippo Sak bags also have a bit of that smell but it’s not that overwhelming, which is why I like them.
– Gloria

I wish they were a bit cheaper. I’m all for sustainability, but in this pandemic, if I’m looking at a large pack of 30-gallon plastic trash bags priced the same as a pack of sustainable trash bags with half the quantity and half the capacity, I’d be looking to save as much money as possible.
– Emiliano

I love Hippo Sak, not just because of the sustainability, but because they’re simply miles ahead in quality compared to the old plastic trash bags I used to have. Those drawstrings on the plastic bags always used to break when taking out the trash, and it was a nightmare to handle them when they broke. These have much better quality and make my life much easier.
– Jess

I bought this brand because I thought they can be easily composted at home, but I was wrong. I bought the biodegradable ones and double-checked them to make sure. When I asked a friend he said they can only be industrially composted. It’s a shame, they should really put that on the box rather than just “compostable”, especially if you’re paying a premium.
– Phillis

So, do Hippo Sak bags live up to their claim?

Based on the above customer reviews, we found that customers were more than happy to buy sustainable bags for 3 major reasons:

  • Quality
  • Availability
  • Health concerns

However, there were slight downsides as well, particularly in one department:

  • Price

Reviews from the other 5 consumers were also quite similar; 2 of them bought in order to be more sustainable, whereas the other 3 were blown away by the difference in quality. Although the price factor had surfaced as a negative aspect of buying these sustainable trash bags, most consumers were happy to pay a higher amount in exchange for environmental sustainability and better quality. 

Final verdict: are Hippo Sak bags worth it?

Based on the reviews, if you’re looking for high-quality, versatile, sustainable garbage bags then Hippo Sak is definitely the way to go. The brand definitely fulfills its claim of being a sustainable company for offering alternative trash bags to the public, and since 1991 has continued to provide the same level of quality that is still recognized among the eco-conscious community.

However, there is one caveat; the price, but if you look at the health benefits and the quality these trash bags offer, you easily realize that the few extra dollars are surely worth it.

If you want to check Hippo Sak out for yourselves, here is a link below that will help you get a good deal on Amazon, along with multiple packs to choose from. With over 2000 reviews and having an almost perfect 5-star rating, these bags are sure to run out soon!


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