November 22

Eco Friendly Shopping Bags


eco friendly shopping bagsThe increasing amount of plastic over the past few decades has resulted in plastic bags becoming one of the biggest pollutants on Earth. With millions of tons deposited into landfills across major cities each day, they have become a part of our daily lives, which is why it is critical that we change our lifestyle before things take a turn for the worst.

Why eco friendly shopping bags?

Eco Friendly shopping bags are less harmful to the environment compared to the hazardous products we use each day such as plastic bags. They are non-toxic, and would help put an end to the growing amount of polythene bags.

Polythene bags are the reason for the deterioration of land and marine life. An average amount of 8 million pounds of plastic waste end up in the ocean with most of it being bags and bottles, which is an alarming situation. To stop this cruel act we have to adopt the habit of using alternatives that can be recycled and are biodegradable. Following are some examples of eco-friendly bags that we can use to replace polythene bags.

Paper Bag

Because these brown bags are made from wood they can be reused to make papers, magazines, and books, all of which are fully biodegradable, unlike plastic bags which take over 400 years to break down. Paper bags are easier to get and a cheaper alternative (if bought in bulk) among others.

So, next time when you go shopping and the cashier asks for paper or plastic, choose paper, you’ll be saving a future for upcoming generations.

DIY Denim Bag

So, when those jeans of yours get old (or don’t fit you anymore), they can be transformed into something extremely useful and pretty at the same time, not to mention being environmentally friendly and costing you virtually nothing at all. All you have to do is cut the jeans to the desired size of your bag and straps, sew the hems, attach the zipper and straps to it, and you are done! DIY bags are a better and more creative alternative of plastic bags. Aside from being friendly to the environment, this DIY denim bag also improves your crafting abilities.

Cotton/Canvas bag

Another great alternative for polythene bags is natural fiber bags such as cotton canvas and hemp bags. These bags are 100% eco-friendly, reusable, and can be easily washed whenever needed Cotton bags are easy to carry, affordable, and many can even be reused for more than a hundred times! The best part, you can even paint on them to suit your unique style and feel.

Woven/ Non-Woven bag

These bags can be a useful alternative for polythene bags. The cloth from which woven bags are made is flexible and its fabric is strong. Woven bags can be washed as much as needed, therefore can be used for a long time.

Non-woven bags are much more versatile than woven bags. As the world is starting to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, non-woven bags are the popular choice compared to weave because they are much cheaper and useless material.

Wicker Basket

To change the habit of using plastic bags we should adjust our lives with the products which are safe for our environment. The wicker basket is a good option to use for grocery shopping instead of polythene bags. These baskets are made from wooden peels which makes them strong and durable to use as many times as you need.

Mesh Bag

Mesh bags are also known as a string and net bags. These bags can be very useful, are easy to hold, and are trendy of course. These bags are constructed from yarn, strands, or non-woven material netted into bags which are flexible and can carry more than a plastic bag can, making them much more durable and safe for the environment.


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