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What to do with Old Tires ? 5 Clever Ways to Repurpose Old Tires


Reusing and recycling items is a fantastic way to save resources and money, while also going greener. One person’s trash can certainly be another person’s treasure! Take tires for example – by upcycling old ones, we can both practice sustainability as well as reduce the number of things that need to be bought new. Living sustainably doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel; it might just require finding fresh ways of utilizing our current possessions.

Here are some fun, creative ideas for transforming your tires into stylish home decorations that will add a unique flair to your living space! Unleash the DIYer in you and explore these upcycling solutions – with just a few simple steps, you can create something truly special.


Indoor Furniture

With some basic cleaning and maintenance, you can repurpose old tires to make stylish and functional indoor furniture!

Round Coffee Table

If you have an old tire lying around, you can repurpose it into a unique and stylish coffee table!

Start with one whole tire – if your tire is too large for a coffee table, use a saw to cut it down. Then, Drill small holes in the tire so that you can add legs to the bottom. Legs can come in any style you want – consider adding metal or wood legs to match your existing furniture.

Once the legs are secured, paint the entire tire for an eye-catching look. You can use spray paint for fast and even coverage, or brush on multiple layers of paint for added texture and depth. Finish off your round coffee table with a top of choice – glass, stained wood, plexiglass – whatever fits your home décor best.

Making DIY projects out of old tires is fun, cost-effective, and eco-friendly! Repurposing your old tires into something new will give them another life and make your home look great simultaneously! Plus, there are endless creative possibilities with this project – try making other shapes like ovals or triangles – let yourself be creative.



Here’s a great project that you can do with old tires – turn them into ottomans! It is a simple, fun, and creative way to repurpose something that would otherwise be thrown away. Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to create seating or storage space in any room.

To make an ottoman out of an old tire, the first step is to cut two pieces of plywood to match the size and shape of the tire. Then, screw one piece of the now circular plywood to the top before repeating it on the bottom. If desired, you can also attach legs to the bottom piece of plywood using screws.

Next, wind some rope around your tire in a circle from the top middle portion down to the bottom. Apply glue (such as Liquid Nails) as you go along and secure each piece down so that everything stays in place. Once done, use a clear sealer to fill in any cracks in your newly made ottoman. After it has dried, repeat step five for extra reinforcement.

And there you have it: your DIY ottoman seat! This is a great way to repurpose something old and give it new life – plus it looks great too!


Tire Mirror

Repurposing old tires to make round wall mirrors is a creative and environmentally-friendly way to bring some unique style into your home. You’ll need a tire of the desired size, a circular mirror cut to fit inside it, Gorilla Glue, a drill and drill bit for making pilot holes in the tire, screws, and washers for securing the mirror, and a few household tools.

To begin, clean the tire with soap and water. Next, you’ll need to measure and mark where the pilot holes should go on either side of the tire. Drill your pilot holes using a drill bit that is slightly smaller than your screws.

Apply Gorilla Glue liberally around the edges of your circular mirror before inserting it into the interior of the tire. Then secure it properly using screws and washers. Let this dry overnight. Finally, finish off by wiping away any excess glue or dirt on both sides of your newly made round wall mirror with a damp cloth.


Decorating lights

Transform your old tires into beautiful light displays with minimal effort and materials! These pieces will instantly bring a unique, eye-catching flair to any home.

Start by finding a few tires of the same size or shape. You’ll then need to make sure they can be safely hung from wherever you decide to place them. Once this is done, use the drill to create holes in the tires. Make sure the holes are evenly spaced around the top and bottom of each tire. This will allow you to get even coverage when it comes time to hang the light bulbs inside.

When all your holes are in place, it’s time to start inserting your lighting fixtures into the tires. Depending on what type of look you’re going for, there are lots of options here. You could opt for traditional light bulbs, LED strips, or even decorative lights such as fairy lights or mason jars with candles inside them. For more dramatic effects, consider adding multiple layers of lighting fixtures inside your tires too!

Once all your lights are securely in place and connected safely, it’s time to hang them up! Securely mount each tire at least 25 cm apart so they don’t overlap each other when suspended from the ceiling or wall.


Dog bed

This method of upcycling is easy and cost-effective and will make a comfortable bed for your pup.

To start, you’ll need to thoroughly clean the tire using some eco-friendly detergent or soap and warm water. Once the tire is dry, you’ll need to sand it down with medium-grit sandpaper to remove any sharp edges or rough areas.

Next, use a primer such as Krylon Fusion or Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer to prep the surface for painting. After the paint has dried, line the interior portion with thick foam padding before adding a plush dog bed cover. You may wish to add extra detail by gluing fabric around the exterior of the tire, as well as attaching tassels or small decorations at the top of the tire.


Outdoor Decor

Revamp your outdoor area with a creative twist by upcycling old used tires into furniture and decorations! Not only is this a great way to reduce waste, but you’ll be left with unique pieces that will have your guests talking. It’s truly a win-win situation for both the environment and yourself!

Outdoor lawn Chairs

If you are looking to add a stylish and unique touch to your outdoor living space, consider repurposing a few old tires into patio furniture. Recycled tires can easily be transformed into comfortable and durable chairs that will bring an eco-friendly feel to your backyard.

The process begins with finding recycled tires. If you have only a few at home, you can obtain more either through donations or by buying them from shops selling second-hand items. After collecting your tires, it is essential to clean and sand them before painting or decorating them with fabric. This will help ensure that the paint adheres properly and that any fabric remains securely attached over time.

Once you’ve finished cleaning and sanding, it’s time to begin transforming the tires into chairs. To do this, use a drill and mounting hardware to attach two pieces of wood (one for the seat and one for the back) to either side of the tire, creating a stable frame for your chair. Then, use foam padding or other cushion materials to cover the wooden frame for comfort before covering it in fabric or adding decorative elements such as ribbons, buttons, and other trinkets.

Finally, spray paint or brush on sealant (environmentally-safe ones, of course!) over all exposed surfaces of your tire chair for extra protection against fading and wear over time. Once your chair is complete, you can set it up in any corner of your patio as part of an array of reused furniture pieces that reflect your style while being kinder to the planet we share!


Outdoor Trash Bins

Transform your old tires into fashionable, stackable trash bins with lasting durability! Repurposing used tires is a great way to create useful containers that are both strong and visually appealing.

To build a trash bin using recycled tires, start by cutting six equal-sized pieces from two of the tires. Make sure each piece is approximately half an inch thick, then stack the pieces together until it forms a cylinder shape. Securely fasten the stacked pieces with screws or nails.

Afterward, add two more tires on top of the first two, also cut into six even slices each. Once all four tires have been connected in a vertical column, use an extra large trash bag to line the entire structure. This will serve as your new trash receptacle for storing waste and recycling materials. By repurposing old tires into useful objects such as trash bins, you can not only help reduce waste but also contribute to environmental sustainability initiatives.


Tire Sink

Tires can be repurposed in a variety of creative ways, and one popular way is to turn them into tire sinks. To do this, you will need an old tire rim, a PVC-free pipe (as PVC is dangerous for the environment), water-resistant epoxy resin glue, a rubber bowl insert or recycled-plastic basin, and waterproof sealant or paint.

First, fit the pipe into the center of the tire rim. Next, apply epoxy resin glue around the joint between the tire rim and the pipe. Finally, place the rubber bowl insert or plastic basin on top of the pipe and adhere it with epoxy resin glue.

Once everything is secure and dry, apply waterproof sealant or paint to prevent any leaks from occurring. Once completed, your new tire sink will be ready for use! Tire sinks are both visually appealing and highly durable.


Play Area

Instead of spending a fortune on factory-made playground equipment that your kids will outgrow in no time, why not repurpose old tires for their backyard fun? Tire swings are classic and timeless, but there’s so much more you can do with used car tires – from climbing walls to teeter-totters. Not only will it save you money, but this sustainable solution ensures these play structures can be reused by future generations.

Tire Sandbox

Transform old tires into an enjoyable and educational playground for little kids by repurposing them to make a sandbox – it’s an economical way of providing hours of entertainment.

The process is relatively easy, as all you need are some old tires, some fill material such as dirt or sand, and a few tools. To start, find two larger tires that can be used for the walls of the sandbox. Once those are in place, use smaller tires to fill in the gaps between them, creating an enclosed space.

Then, fill the interior of the sandbox with your chosen material–sand or dirt work best–and level it off with a rake or shovel. You can also add toys or other decorations to help make it more comfortable and inviting for little kids. With a bit of time and effort, you can turn simple old tires into fun and educational play areas that will last for years to come.


Tire Ladder For Your Playground Or Treehouse

Transform multiple tires into a treetop escape by crafting an enchanting treehouse ladder! Not only is it fun, but making this DIY project can help give new life to used items. This method is not only an effective way to reuse materials artistically, but it also adds strength and durability.

First, find several black tires of similar size that can be fastened together safely. Make sure they are large enough to support your weight while climbing the ladder. Once you have identified suitable tires, line them up in the desired order and secure them with strong rope so that they remain firmly attached. To make the ladder even more secure, suspend additional ropes from each step of the tire ladder for added stability.

Finally, use screws or bolts to attach the bottom portion of the ladder to the tree house platform for extra security.


Simple Tire Swing

A tire swing can be a great addition to anyone’s garden, adding a touch of fun and nostalgia at the same time!

To make one, you will need just one old tire with the rim cut off. Start by drilling two holes in both sides of the tire, near the top edge, and attach a sturdy rope or chain through each hole. Then, tie the ropes together at the top to form a loop and fasten it securely to a tree branch or beam that can hold your weight. Make sure to take safety precautions during this step.

The length of your ropes should be long enough for an adult to swing on them comfortably without any risk of hitting anything else in the garden. If you plan to use the swing for children, add extra layers of protection by adding soft padding around the edges of the tire and adjusting the height accordingly.


Teeter totter

Teeter totters are a classic outdoor toy that provides hours of entertainment and can be easily made from old tires. To make a teeter-totter, you will need two old tires of similar sizes, 8-10 feet of 2×4 or 4×4 lumber, and various tools for cutting and drilling.

Start by measuring the length of your desired teeter-totter board, then cut the two pieces of lumber to appropriate lengths. Next, center the tires onto the 2×4 or 4×4 boards and mark their positions; this will help when it comes time to secure the tires in place. Make sure both pieces have been securely fastened with screws to ensure stability.

Once you find a spot free from obstructions where you’d like your teeter totter to be located, use a shovel to create an even surface on which to place the board and tires. Securely anchor each end of the board into the ground with stakes or bolts if needed; this helps ensure that it won’t move while being used by children.


Gardening and Planters

Get creative and let your imagination run wild with the potential of employing tires as planters in your garden. Their shape offers a more classic touch, perfect for decorating patios, porches, or terraces.

Hanging Tire Planter

Transform those tired, old tires into a stunning hanging planter and bring an air of originality to any space – it’s super simple! Firstly, obtain a tire in good condition. It can be either new or used, but it should be strong and without large cracks. After ensuring the tire is safe to use, the next step is to clean the tire and remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on it over time. After washing and drying it thoroughly, you can begin adding decorative elements such as paint or stencils to give your planter some extra character.

Once your design has been finalized, you will need to make a few small incisions in the bottom of the tire so that water can easily drain away from your plants. After completing this step, fill the tire with potting soil and plant your desired flowers or vegetables inside of it. Once these steps have been completed, securely tie two ropes or cords around either side of the tire. You can now hang your planter wherever you like – on a balcony railing or underneath a tree – depending on how much light is available for your plants.


DIY Tire Planters

Transform an ordinary outdoor space into a vibrant and lively garden sanctuary with this easy and inexpensive DIY tire planter project! To get started, you’ll need two old tires of similar size – it’s best to use tires that have not been used on vehicles, as these may contain potentially hazardous chemicals. Begin by thoroughly scrubbing the tires with a wire brush and then using a degreasing detergent – this will help to remove any dirt or oil found on the surface.

Once the tires are clean and dry, spread a generous layer of potting soil at the bottom before placing the second tire over it. Fill the inner tire with more potting soil and then add compost before planting your desired plants. It’s important to ensure proper drainage, so make sure there are plenty of holes on the sides for excess water to escape.

Finally, cover the exposed soil with mulch for extra insulation and moisture retention. Creating DIY tire planters is a great way to repurpose materials while also adding some vibrant greenery around your home – just be sure to check with local authorities if there are any restrictions regarding old tires in your area.


Scenery and Landscape

There’s no denying the sturdiness of tires; once they’ve been worn down and become too dangerous for vehicular use, not much else can degrade them. This has led to several environmental issues since tires are essentially non-biodegradable, prompting many creative solutions over the last few decades. We now have numerous uses for old tires: pathways and more

Tire walls

Tire walls are a cost-effective and sustainable way to create low-rise walls and barriers. Old tires can easily be repurposed and stacked to form an effective boundary or containment solution. To build tire walls, start by selecting the location for your wall, keeping in mind that it should be on level ground with access from both sides.

Gather old tires of the same size and stack them vertically, ensuring that each tire is securely wedged into the next one. Make sure there is adequate space between each tire for proper stability, as well as between tiers of tires to provide greater strength and durability.

Now, secure each tier of tires together by filling the space between them with sand or soil and compacting it firmly. Continue stacking tires until you achieve the desired height of your wall. For added stability, use rebar or other steel beams at regular intervals throughout your wall’s structure.

Finally, add a layer of soil over the top of your wall and a layer of gravel along its base to provide further support and protection against erosion due to weathering or water damage. Using old tires in this way is also an excellent way to reduce waste while creating a functional solution for fencing off areas or containing materials around construction sites or other work sites.


Tire stairs

Adding a one-of-a-kind touch to your home or garden doesn’t have to be expensive; utilizing old tires for tire stairs can give you just the distinctive flair that you’re looking for. To begin, collect the number of tires necessary for the project, making sure that all are in good condition.

Once the tires have been collected, clean them with soap and water. Stack them on top of each other and secure them with cement adhesive or a strong bonding agent to ensure stability. If desired, use different colors of paint or fabric to cover the stacked tires and enhance their look.

Be sure to interlock each tire layer with the one above it while stacking, as this will prevent unsteadiness or shifting over time. To finish off your tire stairs, add soil between each of these levels and add plants such as grass, flowers, or succulents for an extra decorative touch


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