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7 Best Food Waste Apps to Help Save the Environment


best food waste appsFood wastage is a growing problem in the United States, one that has immense consequences for both our environment and our wallets. It’s estimated that 40% of all food in the US goes uneaten, and when that food ends up in landfills, it produces tons of greenhouse gasses, which contribute to global warming.

There are many causes for this problem – from expiration dates to bulk buying that encourages over-purchasing, to outdated aesthetic standards for fruits and vegetables that cause perfectly edible produce to be wasted.

Consumers aren’t the only ones responsible: businesses also play a role. Food service establishments generate nearly 43 percent of total food waste—while retailers discard several million tons annually due to misjudging customer demands or surplus orders.


How do food waste apps work?

Today, communities are developing some of the best food waste apps as a way to reduce food waste and help ensure that food gets consumed rather than thrown away. They work by connecting farmers, retailers, and consumers, allowing resources to be efficiently managed to avoid unnecessary waste.

For example, a farmer may use a food waste app to connect with retailers or other distributors who need their excess produce. This helps the farmer maximize their profits while reducing their overall losses due to spoilage or spoilage of products that did not get sold. In turn, the retailer gains access to fresh produce at lower prices while avoiding potential losses due to unsold products.

Food waste apps also provide an opportunity for consumers to find discounted items that would otherwise have been thrown away or wasted. This allows them access to fresh produce at discounted prices, helping them save money while reducing overall food waste.

In addition, many of these apps also provide users with additional features such as recipe ideas and nutritional information about their purchases. For example, some apps allow users to search for recipes based on the type of products they purchase so they can plan meals ahead of time and avoid wasting any ingredients that were purchased but not used in cooking. This helps make sure that all ingredients are used as efficiently as possible, further reducing food waste in households.

Finally, many of these apps also allow for charitable donations of surplus produce from farmers or retailers directly through the app itself. These donations can then be distributed to local charities and communities in need to reduce hunger and poverty while providing greater access to fresh produce for those who may otherwise not have it available nearby.

Overall, food waste apps are an excellent tool for reducing food waste across all levels of society while improving access and health outcomes for people both locally and globally.


Apps to Cut Food Waste

With just a few taps on your phone, these helpful apps can help those in need while assisting you with cutting down on your expenses. Here are some of the best food waste applications available today.

Flashfood app

Flashfood is an innovative app that helps reduce food waste in the US and Canada. It connects grocery stores with customers looking to purchase surplus food that’s near its best-before date at a discounted rate. Through Flashfood, grocery stores can avoid throwing out unsold food items and instead sell them to customers through the app. This helps reduce the amount of food going straight into the trash while also providing value to customers who can purchase high-quality goods at a discounted rate.

Additionally, Flashfood works with farmers and growers to redistribute food that may not be good enough for retail but is still safe for human consumption, preventing it from being thrown away as well. The app also makes it easier for those in need to access fresh and healthy foods, helping alleviate hunger. Overall, Flashfood is a great way for everyone involved to tackle the issue of food waste efficiently and cost-effectively.



OLIO, the revolutionary food waste app, is an innovative way to reduce the amount of leftover and excess food from local restaurants and households. Since its launch in 2015, it has been helping people all over the world combat food waste through its easy-to-use platform that connects people with their neighbors and local shops.

Through this app, users can upload a photo as well as a description of their item – such as fresh produce from their garden or bakery goods – which can be picked up free of charge at a designated location. Not only does this help people save money but also prevents food wastage by allowing others to benefit from donations.

The “Food Waste Heroes” program allows volunteers to pick up items listed on the app from cafes and shops, furthering its role in reducing food wastage. OLIO also encourages people to be more conscious about how they shop for groceries and other items by providing them with detailed information on where each item was sourced from, how it was produced, and by whom.

This helps ensure that not only are customers getting access to fresh food but also that this food has been ethically produced without harming the environment.

As part of its commitment to fighting food waste, OLIO has also partnered with charities such as FareShare UK and OzHarvest Australia which are actively looking for ways to donate leftover or surplus food to those most in need. By using this app, individuals can join their cause in making sure no one goes hungry while ensuring that no good quality product is thrown away unnecessarily.


Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is an innovative app that helps to reduce food waste by connecting people with unsold, leftover food from local businesses. By using the Too Good To Go app, consumers can purchase surprise bags at a discounted price, which contain delicious and safe food that would otherwise have been thrown away. This food rescue not only prevents food wastage but also encourages donations of surplus for those in need.

The app connects thousands of businesses such as restaurants, bakeries, and supermarkets with users who are looking for discounted meals. After ordering online, customers can collect their items from the business at a specified time.

To date, Too Good To Go has saved over 70 million meals worldwide by rescuing surplus food and making it available to people who may not be able to afford to pay full price for meals. With this initiative, businesses around the world are doing their part in helping to combat global hunger and prevent excessive amounts of food waste each year. The simple concept behind this app serves as a reminder that there is always something more we can do to help our planet’s resources.


Food Rescue US

Food Rescue US is an app that helps fight food insecurity across the United States. It’s a powerful tool for connecting donors of surplus food with hunger relief organizations and social service agencies in need. The app works by allowing users to answer a few questions and then request a food pick-up that will connect them to nearby shelters.

The app’s sophisticated algorithm matches donated food items to nearby hunger relief organizations, allowing for the efficient transportation of meals to those in need. When drivers transport the food, hundreds of people can be fed with each pick-up. This has enabled more than 2,200 registered volunteers to rescue and deliver 23.1 million meals so far, helping thousands of people in need get access to meals.


Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods assists in preventing fresh produce from going unused or thrown away due to imperfect appearances or overproduction. The app sends customers visually unappealing fruits and vegetables that otherwise would have gone to waste due to their imperfections, such as blemishes, shapes, sizes, or discoloration. By receiving this “ugly” produce, customers help prevent food wastage while also saving money on groceries.

In addition to helping reduce food wastage, Imperfect Foods boxes can be customized for each customer’s dietary preferences. Customers can choose from a range of seasonal fruit and vegetable items like apples, oranges, squash, potatoes, and greens.


Food for All

Food for All is an innovative app that helps reduce food wastage by connecting customers to restaurants in New York City and Boston one hour before they close. The app enables customers to purchase meals at discounts of up to 80%, making it easy for them to access excess food. The deals offered by the app benefit not only individuals looking to enjoy delicious meals, but also help improve the overall food system by reducing waste and providing people in need with donated food.

By minimizing the amount of food wasted, more local stores can maintain a sustainable business model, while providing healthier options at lower prices.


Food Rescue Hero 

Food Rescue Hero is an app that helps to reduce food wastage by connecting volunteers with nonprofits that are actively serving individuals or communities experiencing food insecurity. Instead of sending excess food to landfills, Food Rescue Hero enables users to donate their free time and resources to pick up and deliver donated food from one point to another. In this way, food donations can be made more efficiently, with the potential for discounted food prices or even free-of-charge meals for those in need.

By preventing food waste, the app can also save money that would otherwise have been used on purchasing new ingredients and products. Additionally, the flexible rescue schedule allows users to pick up and drop off food whenever they have a few minutes of free time, making it possible for more people to get involved in rescuing surplus food every day.


Final Thoughts

The next time you’re about to toss out your leftovers or stop in a restaurant and get sticker shock from the prices, why not try downloading one of these apps? Not only will you save money but also help reduce food waste. Making an effort to prevent wasting food is much more than just economical; it’s beneficial for our environment too! 


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