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Why you should consider eco friendly web hosting for your business


eco friendly web hostingThe importance of environmentally conscious web hosting has never been greater. Today it’s more important than ever to use a high-quality yet eco friendly web hosting company that will reduce your carbon footprint and provide you with the most reliable service possible. Learn about how you can find an environmentally friendly web host, what you should look for in an environmentally friendly web hosting service, and how this can benefit your business as well as our planet!


What is eco friendly web hosting and why does it matter to you?

Sustainable web hosting is web hosting that (1) goes above and beyond to create a sustainable environment for both you and the planet, and (2) improves your business’ image by eco friendly actions taken. Simply put, it is a smart way to preserve our future while keeping up in a fast-paced world of technology.


Is traditional web hosting eco friendly?

No. Traditional web hosting is far from eco friendly. The main reason eco friendly web hosting is necessary stems from the fact that most traditional web hosting companies rely heavily on coal and other fossil fuels to run their power plants for data centers. Many of these companies operate under the assumption that they can afford to pollute our planet because it’s “cheap energy“. Luckily, many sustainable web hosts are now emerging which will help you save money while also saving the environment.


How can sustainable web hosting benefit businesses?

Eco friendly business models will help reduce the carbon footprint of your company and improve the image of your brand. Today it’s important that environmentally conscious businesses use sustainable green products and services like sustainable web hosting in order to set themselves apart from their competition while also setting an example for others to follow.

Not only is this move beneficial for the environment, but also great for your marketing strategy. It shows consumers that your company is trustworthy and environmentally conscious, impressing customers and even helping increase conversions.

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Should you choose green hosting for your blog?

Absolutely! If you care about protecting the planet and reducing your carbon footprint then eco friendly web hosting is for you. In fact, eco friendly blogs are one of the best ways to spread your sustainable message as well. Start a blog that educates others on eco friendly business practices today and let everyone know that green businesses are here to stay. In fact, ThinkinGreener also proudly runs on green web hosting provided by Greengeeks, one of the best in the market!

Even if you plan to run a blog that does not focus on sustainability, sustainable web hosting is still beneficial for you as it helps market your blog as an environmentally friendly platform, thereby potentially attracting more traffic without the extra effort.


What should I look for in an eco friendly web hosting service?

An eco friendly website hosting service should be committed to supporting and implementing eco friendly practices; recycling excess components of their servers, and taking advantage of eco friendly energy sources. They should also have a good record in regards to protecting your data as well.

By choosing eco friendly web hosting services, you will be helping to preserve the future of our planet. Their servers, in particular, are going to use far less energy than traditional servers and don’t take advantage of fossil fuels like coal and natural gas or even nuclear power plants for that matter (nuclear energy is technically clean energy but it does have its dangers!). So if your web host uses servers that run on fossil fuels, then it’s not exactly environmentally friendly.


Is sustainable web hosting expensive?

It’s not! Many eco friendly web hosting providers are actually more affordable than their traditional counterparts. You can find web hosting packages starting at as little as $3 per month which makes eco friendly hosting prices some of the most affordable around.


Tips for finding an eco friendly web host that meets your needs

There are a number of eco friendly web hosting providers available today that will help you save money and at the same time reduce your carbon footprint. Many of them offer hosting packages starting as low as a few dollars per month, and some of them even add on other perks such as massive storage packages and SSL certificates, which definitely make your choice worth every buck!

Beware though, a few shady website hosts often claim to be eco friendly but either have several hidden fees or don’t actually support green practices, so always do your research! If you want further insights on legit eco friendly web hosts around and decide which one best suits your needs, check out my comparison of the best green web hosting providers on the market.

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Eco friendly web hosting is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Whether you’re running a blog, an online business, or even someone who’s looking to take their physical business online, green web hosting services are going to save you money and help market your business as environmentally conscious at the same time, while being beneficial for our planet which needs all the help it can get!

If this sounds like something that interests you, I recommend starting with GreenGeeks which offers hosting packages starting as low as $3 per month. Along with web hosting, they offer a free domain name (for the first year), free CDN setup, free SSL certificate, great support, and much more, even on the most basic package!

GreenGeeks is also offering a further limited-time discount making their hosting plans unbelievably economical. Check out their limited-time offer by clicking the button below, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed by the price. The best part? No strings attached!



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