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7 Largest Wind Farms in the World


After recently composing an article for the largest solar farms in the world, it would only be fair that we address the topic of the largest wind farms in the world. After all, wind farms are catching up to the traditional implementation of solar panels, fast. Over the years, several homes, as well as companies, have moved from using traditional electricity to renewable energy, and unsurprisingly various consumers are preferring wind energy due to its greater efficiency over solar panels. The popularity is certainly increasing, and consequently, so are the wind farms. 


Gansu Wind Farm, China

Just situated at the corner of the Gobi Desert, this giant wind farm is undeniably the biggest wind generation plant on Earth. With a capacity of around 20,000 MW (That’s 20 GW of power!), the Gansu Wind Farm is capable of powering a small country without any external power sources involved. China has really turned up its game when it comes to switching to renewable energy, and the Gansu Wind Farm is the perfect example of that.


Alta Wind Energy Centre, US

After the largest wind farm, we have the second largest on our list. Alta Wind Energy Center, commonly known as the Mojave Wind Farm, is able to produce over 1500 MW of renewable energy to the area. The project spans over 3000 acres and has a capacity to produce 3000 MW of energy if used at full power. 


Jaisalmer Wind Park, India

Located in the deserts of Rajasthan, the Jaisalmer Wind Farm is India’s second largest offshore wind farm. The project started in 2001 and is able to produce over 1000 MW of clean, renewable energy for the residential areas. Initially, the park was only expected to produce about 350 MW, but later installations increased its capacity 3-fold, making it one of the largest wind farms in the world.


Shepherds Flat Wind Farm, US

Another mega project by the US, this Wind Farm is able to produce over 800 MW of renewable energy. Located in eastern Oregon, the Shepherds Flat Wind Farm uses wind turbines supplied by General Electric, and supplies enough electricity equivalent to a $16 million annual supply of energy produced via fossil fuels.


Meadow Lake Wind Farm, US

The Meadow Lake Wind Farm, located in Indiana, is yet another huge step made by the United States to supply green and clean energy to its businesses and residents. With an ability to produce over 800 MW of clean energy, the wind farm can easily power up over 200,000 homes when run at full capacity. The operators of the wind farm claim to have built one of the most efficient wind farms on the planet, with 121 state-of-the-art wind turbines being installed, as well as claiming to save at least 1.2 billion gallons of water each year, the wind farm surely adds more value to the environment as a result.


London Array Offshore Windfarm, UK

Located just a few kilometers off the coast of Kent, the London Array wind farm is one of the largest offshore wind farms in Europe. The facility is able to produce over 600 MW in energy,, spanning over 45 square miles, and has 175 operational wind turbines. The project reached the end of its first stage in 2013 but was unable to proceed to its expansion in stage 2 due to concerns over possible harm to sea birds.


Muppandal Wind Farm, India

Last but not the least, the Muppandal wind farm, built near the coast of the Southern Tamil Nadu state, is the largest onshore wind farm in India. First commissioned in 1986, the plant is able to produce over 1500 MW of renewable energy for homes and offices. Recognizing the importance of switching to renewable energy, the project has been initiated by the Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency and uses wind turbines from various manufacturers such as Suzlon, Vestas, and Enercon. 


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