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Best eco friendly gifts for kids


eco friendly gifts for kidsIn a world that continues to become more toxic each day, the need to adopt an eco friendly lifestyle has become more important than ever, not just for ourselves, but for our future generations as well. Eco friendly gifts for kids can help the younger generation understand the importance of leading a sustainable life in a fun way, from which not only will they learn but also would start making more eco friendly decisions in their daily lives. Here are some of the best eco friendly gifts you can give to your children.

Beech teething toys

Since we’re talking about the best eco friendly gifts for kids, why not start with the youngest category. Teething toys are often popularly bought for infants to help sooth their gums when they start growing teeth. Most teething toys are made from silicone, which although is not as harmful for the environment as plastic, it is still not completely environmentally friendly. Today, companies have started making teething toys from soft wood such as beech, making it biodegradable and safer to use than other materials which are more likely to contain chemicals.

Many companies have started making sustainable teething toys and are easily available on Amazon today. Although there is a plethora to choose from, the collection of beech teething toys made by the Promise babe store is beautifully designed with each piece being unique and free of any chemicals, dyes or scents. You can check them out here on Amazon, or alternatively search eco friendly teething toys directly on Amazon.


Sustainable beach toys

Every kid loves a beach day, and what fun is going to the beach without your sand castle building equipment! However, most sand toys sets are made from non-recyclable plastic which is especially bad for the ocean if it gets washed away along with other hazardous items such as plastic bags.

A few toy manufacturers have taken notice of the increasing environmental hazard caused by these plastic beach toys, and therefore they have switched to creating sand toys from more environmentally friendly materials such as silicone, recycled plastic and wheat straw. These toys contribute to lowering the demand for plastic (which itself is made from fossil fuels) and promote recycled toys in the market.

One of the standout beach toy set on Amazon is the 26 pc eco friendly sand toys set which is made from wheat straw and recycled plastic. The set is good value for money and is eco friendly at the same time, so a definite win-win! Alternatively, you can always check out all options for eco friendly beach toys on Amazon.



Now that we’ve talked about infants and toddlers, let’s move to eco friendly gifts for kids that are a bit older. Although action figures are much less popular than what they were about a decade ago, they’re still a favorite among children below 10. However, action figures are often made from a combination rubber and plastic, both of which are hazardous to the environment.

Cubebot may seem like a completely useless action figure with almost nothing interesting about it, but there is actually more than what meets the eye. Not only does it contain a multitude of joints that the child can move and create their own poses with, but the toy also contains a hidden puzzle to develop the problem solving abilities of the child. Made entirely of beech, this eco friendly gift for kids is surely going to be the favorite toy for your young prodigy.

Cubebot is easily available on Amazon in various sizes and colors, and is not only enjoyed by growing kids but also adults as a collector’s item.


Eco friendly building blocks

In most cases, we try to find gifts for children that are not only fun but also provide educational content. Lego was created to help children use their wild imaginations and bring them to life using an unending array of blocks of various shapes and sizes. Lego has been around for generations and has been the number one recreational toy for children in the US for many years. However, there is a major problem with Lego; they’re made from plastic.

Although Lego is a great gift to give to any kid, it isn’t really eco friendly. The blocks, figures and all tools are made from mostly plastic, which although has a long shelf life, is still made from petroleum that is harming the environment as we know it.

However, Lego has started using recycled plastic to create their building blocks, and is looking to switch towards more sustainable practices. There are also few other companies that have taken the initiative to create recreational building tools for kids using sustainable material. One such example is the Polydron magnetic building set. The 72 pc set is made from 30% wheat straw and is completely BPA free. The magnetic shapes help kids enhance not only their building skills, but also have fun and learn more about magnets and how they work.

Eco friendly gifts for kids can be a great way to help younger generation learn more about the environmental problems such as global warming, changing climate and pollution. As they grow older, these sustainable presents can help them be mindful of the choices they make in their daily lives. Who knows, a little thought into the gift can go a long way.



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