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7 Eco-Friendly Paper Straw Brands on Amazon


In many states, restaurants are prohibited from providing customers with single-use plastic straws. Nearly 500 million of these drinking tools are used every day in the U.S., with most eventually ending up polluting our environment and causing damage to wildlife such as turtles, seals, fish, and birds.

Though there is no federal ban on single-use straws yet, various townships, cities, states, and even counties have taken initiatives to put a stop to it by enacting their bans and promoting eco-friendly paper straw brands.

Now that sustainability is an ever-growing priority, plastic straws are the target of many governmental regulations. As a result, companies everywhere must find suitable alternatives for this standard product. With so many options available and all costing more than their traditional counterparts, selecting the right one can be overwhelming. While some green products offer increased durability over others with environmental advantages.

Naturalik – Brown Paper Biodegradable Straws

Naturalik Brown Paper Biodegradable Straws offer an eco-friendly, plastic-free option for enjoying your favorite drinks on the go. The straws are made with 100% biodegradable and compostable materials, making them a more sustainable choice than traditional single-use plastic straws.

These paper drinking straws are extra durable and sturdier as they are made with 1/3 more material than regular paper straws, ensuring lasting performance in all kinds of beverages.

With their neutral brown color, these individual paper straws have no taste or odor and won’t affect the flavor of your drink. Naturalik Straws are certified from forests that comply with the most rigorous environmental and social standards maximizing their eco-friendliness and sustainability credentials.


  • Eco-friendly and disposable drinkware: made of 100% biodegradable materials 
  • Extra durable and sturdier than regular paper straws 
  • Toxin free, taste-free, odor-free 
  • Certified from forests that comply with environmental & social standards 
  • No effect on the flavor of drinks 
  • Reusable until it breaks down  


  • Not reusable after use 
  • Can lead to an increase in paper trash if not disposed of properly. 
  • Can get soggy due to moisture in drinks  
  • Dull colored which may not be aesthetically pleasing to some people 
  • Paper production can be resource intensive

Naturalik – Multi-Color Eco-Friendly Paper Straws

Naturalik – Multi-Color Eco-Friendly Paper Straws are an excellent greener option for your everyday drinks. These fun and colorful striped straws come in a variety of 10 bright colors, making them perfect for parties or any occasion that calls for some extra color!

Not only are they eye-catching but they are also made from 100% biodegradable and compostable material, so you can rest assured that you’re doing the environment a favor when you use them. 

These paper straws come in packs of 100 of each color so you’ll have enough to go around. The materials used make these straws strong and sturdy which means they won’t easily break while drinking. They are also toxin-free, taste and odor free, so no weird aftertaste in your mouth. 


  • Fun and colorful design – the stripes make them perfect for parties or any festive occasion; 
  • Made with 100% biodegradable and compostable materials; 
  • Durability – strong enough to last throughout your drink; 
  • Toxin-free, taste, and odor free; 
  • Packs of 100pc of each color for plenty of straws; 
  • Environmentally friendly option.   


  • May contain some chemical dyes – may leak color or look nasty when wet; 
  • May get soggy if left too long in liquid; 
  • Disposable – not meant for reusing. 

Comfy – Kraft Paper Drinking Straws

The Comfy Kraft Paper Drinking Straws are an ideal choice for those looking for an eco-friendlier way to enjoy drinks. This product is typically found in stores and is made of 100% biodegradable materials, making it an environmentally friendly choice. With its 7.7-inch long and 6 mm diameter, these straws are perfect for all kinds of drinks – from water to juice and even smoothies. 


  • Made with 100% biodegradable environmentally friendly materials 
  • Ideal as everyday straws for home, shop, & office 
  • Ink-free and non-toxic kraft paper 
  • 3 layers of thick paper that will not fall apart, melt or get soggy in liquid for an extended period 
  • Perfect for all kinds of drinks – from water to juice and even smoothies 
  • Desirable length and diameter make them suitable for having drinks from any cup or glassware


  • Can give a slight paper aftertaste when used with cold/room-temperature drinks     
  • Not recommended for hot beverages as the paper may start to soften or break down    
  • Generally more expensive compared with plastic alternatives

Eco Straws – Biodegradable Bamboo Paper Straw 

Eco Straws – Biodegradable Bamboo Paper Straws are a great alternative to plastic and paper straws. Each Eco Straw is made from responsibly sourced bamboo, a renewable source that helps the planet heal. These straws are 100% compostable and biodegradable and are free of dyes, toxins, tastes, and odors.

They are extra-durable and sturdy compared to paper straws, so you don’t have to worry about your straw becoming soggy or disintegrating in your drink. The Eco Straw measures 7.8 inches long by 0.2 inches wide and is made of 100% natural bamboo fiber for high-quality results.


  • Made from responsibly sourced bamboo, a renewable resource 
  • 100% compostable and biodegradable 
  • Free of toxins, dyes, tastes, and odors 
  • Extra durable compared to paper straws 
  • High-quality with thick bamboo fibers 
  • Measures 7.8” x 0.2” for optimal use 


  • Can have a chalky aftertaste when used in certain drinks 
  • Bamboo material can soften, warp or crack if left soaking in the liquid for too long. 
  • Transportation emissions costs associated with bamboo production

Kingseal – White Paper Disposable Drinking Straws

Kingseal – White Paper Disposable Drinking Straws are a great eco-friendly alternative to regular plastic straws. These straws are food-safe, compostable, and bio- and marine-degradable making them much better for the environment than their more harmful plastic counterparts.

The “Jumbo” size conforms to the industry standard diameter of 6mm or .24″ making it suitable for all sorts of hospitality settings such as cafes and restaurants. 


  • Food-safe, compostable, and bio- and marine-degradable
  • Better for the environment than harmful plastic straws 
  • Bulk pack ideal for restaurants, cafes, and any other hospitality setting 
  • “Jumbo” size conforms to the industry standard diameter of 6mm or .24″ 
  • Available in various sizes and colors to suit different needs Cost effective compared to other reusable alternatives on the market  


  • Not as durable or sturdy as some other reusable alternatives 
  • Not suitable for hot drinks due to material degradation over time 
  • Paper aftertaste may be present after drinking from these straws  
  • The bleaching process used in manufacturing can be harmful to the environment if done incorrectly

BOONBOO – Bamboo Paper Straws

BOONBOO paper straws are made from 100% bamboo pulp, which makes them a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option than traditional plastic straws. The plastic-free box comes with 100 individually wrapped straws, making them 100% safe and free of any harmful chemicals.


  • Made of 100% bamboo pulp: renewable and sustainable material 
  • Plastic-free and free of any dyes or colors 
  • Durable and thick compared to regular paper straws 
  • Fully biodegradable 
  • No BPA or other harmful chemicals 


  • Paper aftertaste may be present in some cases 
  • Excessive packaging adds to the product’s carbon footprint.  
  • Loss of animal habitats due to deforestation when harvesting bamboo

ChunsPak – Black Paper Straws

ChunsPak – Black Paper Straws are an environmentally friendly option for enjoying your favorite beverages. They are made from FSC-certified food-grade safety paper, and 100% biodegradable, making them a guilt-free choice for those who wish to reduce their ecological impact.


  • FSC certified, ensuring sustainable forestry practices
  • 100% Biodegradable, friendly to the earth and marine life
  • Made from food-grade safety paper & ink, making them safe for use with all types of beverages 
  • Solid black design for a stylish drinking experience 
  • Standard size is great for most cup sizes 


  • Not as sturdy as multiple layered or bamboo straw alternatives 
  • Food-grade safety ink may shed color over time  
  • Very limited range of sizes available

Final Thoughts

While all these paper straw brands are great substitutes for plastic straws, the most cost-effective and sustainable solution is to simply ask for no straw at all. While it is understandable that some individuals rely on this accessory due to medical conditions, many of us don’t need one in daily life. The next time you’re out with friends or enjoying a night’s meal, skip the straw altogether! You’ll be helping our planet while saving money in your pocket too – an absolute win-win situation!


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