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Eco friendly lawn care: what does it mean?


Eco friendly lawns have taken over the global community by storm. From something as simple as changing your fertilizer to a more organic one, not only does eco friendly lawn care benefit the environment but also your wallet in the long run. Here is a simple guide on why making your lawn more sustainable is important and things you can do to achieve it.


What is eco friendly lawn care?

eco friendly lawn careEco friendly lawn care is when you switch from using chemical-based pesticides to non-toxic alternatives. By doing this, it will keep the environment safe and clean of toxic chemicals being poured into the ground and air. The best way to eliminate toxic chemicals down the drain is by using organic fertilizers that are used on plants instead of chemical-induced synthetic fertilizers.


Why it’s important for your lawn to be eco friendly

There is a myriad of reasons why it’s important for your lawn to be eco friendly. The biggest reason being the impact on our environment. By using harmful products that are chemical-ridden, you are in consequence harming the plants and wildlife by exposing them to toxic chemicals.

In addition, many research studies have shown that a large percentage of household insecticides have been found in groundwater supplies around the world, which is a serious health concern when drinking water is involved.

Natural organic fertilizers for lawns can be used to maintain a healthy and strong lawn. These fertilizers often come from plants that decompose into the soil over time, instead of being harmful to the environment.


Advantages of an eco friendly lawn

Having an eco friendly lawn, there are several advantages. The first is that you can save money in the long run by using organic fertilizer instead of toxic chemicals. There are many natural fertilizers available at most hardware stores such as ammonium nitrate and phosphorus.

These natural organic fertilizers last longer than chemical-based ones because they decompose over time while the chemically based ones make it into our water supply where they remain for years harming wildlife and the environment.

The other advantage is your lawn will be healthier if you practice eco friendly lawn care methods through the use of natural organic fertilizers or no fertilizer at all. If it’s a drought season or your grass already looks great then try leaving out the fertilizer altogether! Overall, you’ll be helping out our environment by reducing the number of harmful chemicals that are harming wildlife.


Ways you can make your lawn more environmentally friendly

There are many ways you can make your lawn eco friendly. The first way is to use non-toxic organic fertilizers instead of harmful chemicals that are toxic to the environment.

Another thing you can do is try switching from chemical-based pesticides and herbicides to ones made of natural elements, such as copper sulfate and iron salts.

These natural alternatives will not be able to harm humans or animals if they come into contact with them while also being effective at controlling weeds and bugs on your lawn.

A third way would be to reduce the amount of fertilizer and pesticide usage in general by planting native, water-wise landscaping. Native plants don’t need a lot of maintenance because they grow drought-resistant properties naturally which helps reduce water usage.

One way to put this into action would be changing from your regular grass to xeriscaping. Xeriscaping is a landscaping method that uses drought-tolerant plants, which will help reduce maintenance costs because the plants won’t need as much maintenance and watering as other grasses do.

These are just a few ways you can incorporate eco friendly lawn care into your home or business! Overall, the key is to use less fertilizer and harmful pesticides while also planting native plants that are completely natural to save money and protect our environment at the same time.


The risks associated with not having an eco friendly lawn

There are many risks associated with not taking care of your lawn sustainably, many of which not only affect us but the also living beings around us.

One such risk is how toxic chemical pesticides and herbicides that are used in lawn maintenance get released into waterways when it rains heavily or after being sprayed onto the grass where they run off naturally or through erosion.

This runoff contaminates the surrounding ground and also ends up polluting our water supplies which can cause long-term effects on humans’ health due to the ingestion of chemicals found in pesticides and herbicides. These runoff chemicals can also cause long-term effects on wildlife by destroying their habitats through flooding as well as killing aquatic life due to water pollution (Which is already a huge concern due to a huge amount of plastic in the oceans).

Additionally, if you have pets and children around the house then there is a very real risk of them ingesting chemicals found in many pesticides and herbicides. This is potentially dangerous since many pesticides contain poisonous ingredients such as ethylene glycol, sodium azide, methanol, etc.

After reading about the many risks associated with using chemical-based lawn care products, it is clear to see why eco friendly lawn care is a must for our environment in the long run.


Is eco friendly lawn care expensive?

It is a common misconception that eco friendly lawn care products and services are expensive. This simply isn’t true! While it may be more expensive to go green at first, you will see the benefits when using eco friendly products long-term with your lawn maintenance business or home’s landscaping. The results phase of your project will even contribute to saving you money in the long run when compared to chemical-based pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers which cost much more over time.

Generally speaking, organic products contain fewer harmful chemicals than their synthetic counterparts so they are safer on the environment as well as people and pets around your home. One must keep in mind that although saving money is important; the safety and well-being of your loved ones are priceless and should always be our top priority.



If you’re looking for a way to protect the environment, your family, and your wallet, eco friendly lawn care should be on top of your list. This type of landscaping is not only good for the planet but also has many benefits that are beneficial to those who partake in it.



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