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Best Indoor Plants For a Sustainable Apartment


Your apartment is your heaven, and you want to make it as comfortable as possible. But now you are wondering what plants should I have in my apartment to make it look nice and healthy for my family and the environment. This is a question many people ask themselves when considering decorating or refurbishing their homes.

There are some plants that can live on low maintenance and can be grown indoors in small spaces if your home does not have spacious grounds. There are so many options available today when you go purchasing indoor plants for your living space.

If you are someone that cares about the environment and would like to create a safe space indoors then having greenery in your apartment is the best choice.


What plant is best for cleaning the air?

best indoor plantsPlants for apartments should be chosen carefully as some of them can affect your health adversely. The best plant for creating a clean and fresh environment is the Snake Plant. This plant can thrive in low light and little water, making it the best choice for an apartment.

Another good indoor plant for your apartment is Spider Plants as they provide all the nutrients required to create fresh air. These plants are also known as airplane plants because of their leaves that look like airplane propellers.

Apart from these, there are many other plants that you can place in your apartment such as Peace lily, Maidenhair ferns, and so on.

These plants will absorb the dust particles and other pollutants from the air, thus making them cleaner. But make sure these indoor plants are not kept near a television or computer where the ozone layer is damaged by them.


How many plants should we have in our apartment?

Some people might argue that having more houseplants in your living room will make it look crowded. But if grown properly, using organic fertilizers and watering them on time, they are sure to brighten up your place.

If you want clean air indoors along with greenery around, try having 10 – 15 indoor plants at home. You can have one or two of these plants in each room. You can also keep a small pot plant on the window sill where they can have direct sunlight.

Do people usually ask if there is a certain number of houseplants per person? For instance, can you have 15 houseplants in one room? Well, there are no hard and fast rules regarding the number of plants per person, but you can surely grow as many plants as possible.

It is recommended to have at least three indoor plants per person in the house, but if you are a nature lover, then there is no harm in having more plants around.


Do houseplants really increase the air quality?

Plants do improve the air quality. It has been scientifically proven that indoor plants promote humidity and absorb toxins and CO2, so they increase the oxygen available to us and purify the air we breathe.

Plants like Arrowhead plant, and Cast iron plant can easily survive low maintenance which makes them an ideal choice for your home or office where you need a little change in atmosphere and freshness.


Which is the easiest indoor plant to keep alive?

Pothos or spider plant is the ideal plant that you can grow indoors. These plants do not require much attention can grow under artificial light and very rarely get affected by insects or pests.

There are many other easy-care indoor plants you can select for your home such as Peace lily, Chinese evergreen, and so on. If you want to make your apartment more green and clean, then these plants are the best choice for you.


Which is the Best Indoor Plant to Remove Indoor Air Toxins?

Mother-in-law’s tongue plant ( known as Sansevieria) is one of the most recommended indoor plants that fight against toxins and create a healthy environment in your apartment.

Peace lily and Spider plants can also be ideal indoor plants that remove toxins from the air try having these three houseplants if you want to make your home healthy and pollution-free.

These plants are known to absorb benzene from the air, one of the most common indoor pollutants that is mainly created by vehicle exhaust and cigarette smoke.

Houseplants can easily survive low maintenance which makes them an ideal choice for your home or office where you need a little change in atmosphere and freshness.


How to decore your small space apartment with plants?

There are several options for you to decorate your small area or apartment with plants. You can make a simple vertical garden using an old wine rack and add some houseplants such as Snake Plants, Spider Plants, Lavender, ZZ Plant, and so on inside it.

You can turn the top of the rack into a hanging garden and fill it up with some colorful flowers or other types of plants. You can place your planter rack in the corner of your room near the window so that you get direct sunlight and fresh air for your plants.

You can also create a terrace garden indoors if you don’t want to spend money on creating an outdoor garden right now. To do this, you need to add a small area rug in your living room and place your plants on it. You can also drop some pillows on the carpet for comfortable seating while enjoying the beauty of your garden.


Which plant favors your bathroom?

If you are looking for a plant that can survive in your bathroom that has low light and can absorb water and smell from the air, then you should put your money on Boston fern, Mother-in-law’s tongue plant, and Lavender.

Spathiphyllum, Peace lily, Pothos, and Prayer plant are also the ideal choices for you. These plants will purify your bathroom air and create a clean environment so that you can enjoy being in your own home.

These plants can survive in areas with low water availability and also help remove indoor air toxins such as formaldehyde and xylene from the bathroom.


What houseplant needs the least amount of light?

The snake plant, ZZ plant, or Prayer Plant is undoubtedly one of the best indoor plants that need less light to grow. These easy-care houseplants survive well in areas where there is no direct sunlight and can easily adapt to artificial lighting or bright indirect sunlight as well.

These plants don’t require a lot of water, so you have nothing to worry about their watering needs. You can keep them without water for weeks and they will be just fine until the next time you decide to water them.

Most of these indoor plants can easily grow under fluorescent lighting or indirect sunlight, so if you are living in an area where there is no natural source of light, then these plants are the best choice for you.


Aromatic & Nutritious Plants to Grow Indoors

When you live in a small space or an apartment it tends to get more polluted than normal, which is why it is important for you to make the indoor air fresh and clean.

You should avoid toxic air fresheners in order to do that you have to get a plant that not only purifies the air but also give a pleasing aroma to your apartment or house then these plants are perfect for your living. The fresher your home smells, the happier you will feel.

You can grow some aromatic plants indoors that can give an amazing smell to your apartment. Lavender, geraniums, rosemary, basil are the best-fragrant houseplants you can have in your home or office.

They are known to have medicinal properties so you will not only enjoy their beautiful decoration but also enhance your health by eating them or using them in other ways.


How to Grow Houseplants in Apartments?

There are many questions when it comes to selecting the best plants for apartments. This includes how much space is suitable for plants and how often should the plant be watered.

Watering houseplants is especially important in summer when we keep windows closed, which decreases humidity and makes it dryer inside our homes.


Decorative plants for apartment living

There are several plants that look beautiful and still help purify the air for your apartment living. Peace lily, Nerve Plant, Anthurium, or bird’s nest fern are some of the best plants for apartments for you to consider. They look beautiful and also bring oxygen into your home so next time someone visits, don’t be surprised that they ask about these lovely houseplants.

Other plants that will give a vibrant touch to your living room or bedroom are Parlor palm, rubber tree, and Chinese evergreen better if put in moist soil. They will also help remove toxins from the air such as benzene and trichloroethylene.


17 best plants for apartments

If you want to add some greenery to your apartment here are  the 15 best plants you can have, and they all grow in any indoor conditions:

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Plant is known for its medicinal properties and also looks very nice when placed next to a sunny window where it can get direct light. The aloe vera absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen throughout the day and night.


English Ivy

If you do not want to watch out for watering your plant, then English ivy should be your choice. It can grow in moist conditions and low light either. You can put it in a hanging basket and place it in your bathroom.


Jade Plant

This is one of the easiest houseplants to grow and does well in any condition, including shade. The Jade plant is a slow-growing plant and if you do not want it to grow too much, then prune the vines from time to time.


Pothos Plant

This is the best choice for your bathroom. It can survive in low-light and moist soil, so it will not die even if you forget to water it for weeks.


Peace Lily

If you are looking for a flowering plant that tolerates neglect well, then peace lily should be your choice. These plants flower beautifully and also help remove pollutants from the air.



Snake Plant

This is one of the most popular choices among house plants and it can grow easily in just about any condition. It also looks amazing and you do not have to worry about watering, as this plant does well even if neglected.


Spider Plant

This lush green plant helps remove formaldehyde from your indoor environment and also purifies the air. It is easy to grow and has a very unique appearance, with long leaves and small flowers that can last for many months.



This flowering plant is perfect for your bedroom, as it will remove toxins from the environment while releasing oxygen at night when you sleep. The plant looks very stylish and you can prune it from time to time to keep the growth under control.


Chinese Evergreen

This is one of the best indoor plants to keep in your living room, as it looks elegant and clean. It is a very popular plant among indoor gardeners because it tolerates neglect well with little watering.


Zebra Plant

If you want a plant with dark green leaves and unique white stripes, then this is the choice for your living room. The plant can also be used as a table decoration. It is also said to filter the air of formaldehyde so it is perfect for your bedroom. Just have some potting soil that drains well and keep the soil moist for a happier plant.


Calla Lily

This is another flowering plant that will brighten up your apartment, but it requires moist conditions so keep the soil moist all the time if you want it to grow well. It can also help remove pollutants from the air, including ammonia and benzene.


Bamboo Plant

This is one of the most popular choices among apartment plants because it does not need much light or water. Just place it in a bright area or on a plant stand and water regularly, but do not let the roots sit in water for too long.


Gerbera Daisy

These are the best plants if you want to add a splash of color to your apartment. The Gerbera Daisy flowers look great and require very little maintenance, so it is perfect for the forgetful gardener.



You can add a sweet smell to your apartment while removing toxins from the air by growing lavender. The plants look elegant and you can add them in small pots around your living room or bedroom. They also help treat insomnia, which might be useful if you like to wake up early every day for work.


Rubber Plant

If you want an indoor plant that can grow bigger, then the rubber plant is the best choice for your living room. Make sure to give it enough light and water regularly so it does not dry up.



ZZ Plant

This is another plant that can grow indoors very easily. It looks interesting, as the leaves are green with a zigzag pattern on them. Make sure to place it in bright light and keep it moist or else it will wither away.


Mint Plant

This is the best choice for your kitchen, as it can survive in moist conditions and also looks beautiful on the windowsill. It can also help remove alcohols, acetone, and formaldehyde from the air, so place it beside your stovetop to benefit from it the most.


Final Thoughts

Understanding what plants do to our indoor environment should help us make better choices when it comes to decorating our apartments. There are many different options that will take care of our living environment, so if you care about the air inside your home, pick one of these plants.

Placing an indoor plant in your apartment is a great way of keeping it clean and healthy for your family and you, so try to choose the best environmentally friendly option.


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