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9 affordable, sustainable prefab homes you can buy today


prefab homePrefabricated homes are now available for sale to the public. These modular homes are not only affordable but sustainable as well. They’re built with eco friendly materials and can be customized to meet your needs. If you’re looking for a new dream abode that is low-maintenance, sustainable, and affordable, then these might be perfect for you!


Why should I consider prefab houses?

These eco-home kits offer many benefits that other homes do not. They are more affordable than traditional construction methods, can be constructed in just weeks instead of months, and are built with eco-friendly materials to help the environment while saving you money on your energy bills!

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How much does an eco kit house cost?

Eco-Kits start at roughly $58,000 but can move as high as $300,000 if you go for something super luxurious. Pricing is also highly dependent on the area per square foot, though building costs are still modest unlike site-built homes for the same space. They are customizable depending on the home you want, so be sure to ask an expert for prices that fit your budget!


Are eco prefab homes worth it?

Eco prefab homes can cost up to 50% less than a traditional home, saving you thousands of dollars. These prefab homes are constructed with sustainable materials and don’t require much work once they’re ready for you. They’re energy-efficient as well, so your wallet and the environment both remain safe!


How eco friendly are these kits?

These prefab homes are built using sustainable materials. They are constructed in a factory to cut down on waste, and then shipped quickly to your location where they are built in just weeks instead of months!

These homes are environmentally friendly while also being safe for you and your family. So if you think they might not be as sustainable as you think, then you don’t know the facts yet; in fact, many of these companies have even applied for green building certifications!


Now, without further ado, here are the top 9 eco-friendly prefab homes that you can purchase today

Note: All images are courtesy of and under the ownership of the respective brands


Ark Shelter

The Ark Shelter is a prefabricated home that can be built in as low as a single day! It is eco-friendly and sustainable, made from recycled materials where possible when building the kit itself.

The initial estimated cost of their kit is approx $58,000 but can add an additional $20,000 in addons to customize your home before it’s shipped off to your location.

Ark shelter is a very unique creation. It has an eye-catching design that can fit right into any backyard or neighborhood, and it is affordable for everyone. Not only that, but the design is also very utilitarian; equipped with solar panels, large sliding glass doors for natural light and practicality, and a rainwater collection system.

The Ark Shelter is a truly amazing home for nature lovers since the building site is entirely dependent on your imagination!


KODA Loft by Kodasema

The Koda Loft by Kodasema is a high-end kit that allows you to build a luxury home. With the extended model averaging at $125,000, this kit provides everything from sustainable flooring, to the kitchen sink and the patio furniture. The materials used are mostly recycled and the construction process is designed with minimal waste in mind – making it eco-friendly as well as fashionable!

Every trendy homeowner needs a touch of class and sophistication added to their collection, and this kit lets them do just that. Modern design mixed with sustainable building practices makes Koda Loft by Kodasema one of the most popular kits on the market today.


Titan Park Home

Titan Park Homes are just that – homes that can be conveniently set up in parks! The kit itself consists of all you need to build fully functional tiny homes.

Each of these tiny houses includes its own energy supply via solar panels, and the houses even have water collectors as well as a greywater recycling system that eliminates excess waste from the homes. This allows for a completely sustainable environment to live in while providing you with 100% reliance on yourself and your neighbors.

$40,000 is all it takes to purchase this kit from Titan Park Homes, which is an extremely affordable price tag. However, more functional models may cost more depending on your requirements.

The company will help design anything else you need to be added to your own custom home before shipping it off to you. If you want a sustainable home complete with everything you’ll need inside it, then why look anywhere else?

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House Port Estate Homes

House Port Estate Houses are developed with the modern family in mind. Rather than a single small home, you can get a larger estate to fit your whole family and all of your belongings inside it! These kits even come with fences for privacy or extra storage space if that’s what you need from them.

The average price tag on these kits is $300,000 (which isn’t cheap!), although there are add-ons available for a more customized experience based on what you’ll use the house for such as a large living space and even an entire chef-inspired kitchen!

House Port Estate Homes will work with you personally to make sure you have everything you need before sending off this lovely home to its final destination.


Weelhaus Wedge

The Wedge by Weelhaus is the first of its kind. This home is shaped differently than most, but that doesn’t affect its sustainability or affordability one bit! Constructed out of sustainable materials and with eco-friendly practices in mind, this kit can be shipped off to your location after being built very quickly.

Weelhaus offers many different kinds of kits you can customize for your lifestyle – some are even equipped with small features, such as a loft or outdoor decks, so you have what you need at all times inside your own home.

This specific house (the wedge) goes for $150,000 on average per setup if you purchase it directly from them; you can also choose where exactly to place it when ordering online!


Artisans Group prefabs

Artisan’s Group Prefabs are available in a huge variety of sizes and designs so you can find the perfect fit for your current lifestyle. The company deals in prefab projects with an average price tag of $400 per square foot that come equipped with insulation, solar panels, labor costs throughout the entire building process, and other environmentally-friendly materials to help reduce costs on energy bills. Other features include smart locks and lights that automatically turn off after everyone is asleep at night – helping save even more power!


Big Box by Bert and May

Big Box by Bert and May is ideal for anyone who wants a traditional home in their backyard but needs to stay on budget in order to afford it. This kit comes with everything you need inside in order to have a comfortable living space that’s suited just for your family.

The average price tag on a high-end model is around $175,000 – but may vary depending on what else you desire from the company when placing an order!

What’s unique about this box is that not only does it contain a basic furnishing set up, but also contains luxury items such as a 43 inch Sony TV and an entire entertainment system to pair with it!



Greenfab takes the idea of eco-friendly housing to a whole new level. Their minimalistic designs are made to be fully sustainable, meaning that they’ll never need any sort of upgrades or repairs throughout their entire lifetime – which is great for you! These kits are also built locally in the United States, so everything is under your control by purchasing it directly from them.

The average price range on these houses starts at $250 per square foot for smaller models but can go up significantly based on what else you want to add to your house, but they’re still considered to provide relatively more affordable prefab homes than other competitors.

Greenfab offers many different options including rainwater collection systems and solar panels – even labor! So if you’re looking to stay eco-friendly while still constructing a home around your needs, then this company is the way to go.


Alchemy weeHouse

This is one of the most affordable prefab homes in the United States and it’s easy to see why: starting at $75,000 on average for a starter kit with 350 square feet of space, they offer quite a bit for what you’re paying considering you’re only paying approximately $220 per square foot.

Alchemy has many different kits you can choose from to get exactly what you need in your backyard – all ranging from rustic designs to more modern fits! The habitats are built out of sustainable materials that are durable enough to last for years without needing any sort of major updates.

They also come equipped with eco-friendly features like solar panels, water harvesting systems, and even living roofs! Not only do these give off an amazing look but they also work to reduce energy bills while giving your home a touch of character.


5 Benefits of prefab homes

Prefab homes are constructed out of sustainable materials, so they won’t give off any harmful emissions or risks to the environment.

  • They’re energy-efficient – because of their low overall costs on utilities, many people choose prefab homes as an option for reducing their electric bills.
  • Minimal maintenance is required – the minimalistic designs come built with features that reduce the amount of time spent maintaining your house each week; this is ideal for everyone who’s short on time!
  • Sustainability is at least considered – even if you don’t purchase a fully eco-friendly housing kit like Greenfab (or another company offering similar options), they still will take the concept into consideration when designing it for you.
  • They’re customizable – not all prefab homes are identical to each other, there is always room for changes. If you want your home to be designed just the way you like it then this is the right choice for you!
  • Easy installation – once the design process is done and everything has been shipped to your location, it’s easy to install these houses by yourself with minimal help. This makes it perfect if you don’t have a lot of people available (or if you prefer doing things on your own).


3 things to be cautious about while shopping for prefabs

Since this is a major investment you’re going to make, you should always consider certain things before finalizing your purchase.

  • The company is reputable – don’t make the mistake of buying a prefab home from an unreliable business, research each one thoroughly to ensure they’re reliable before you place any orders.
  • They’re built using sustainable materials – while this is important to consider when shopping for worldwide options, you’ll want to check that the building materials are actually eco-friendly if you plan on living in your new home for more than 5 years.
  • Their designs are minimalistic – while many people may see this as a positive feature, others might find it less desirable because these homes tend to be quite small and minimize storage space. This can be easily remedied by getting cabinets or bookshelves but still something worth considering!


Final Thoughts

Prefab homes are an excellent, money-saving alternative to purchasing land and building a home from scratch. Not only are they good for the environment, but also ensure you don’t have to spend much time maintaining your home once it’s built – which can be quite overwhelming if you have a busy schedule!

If you’re still not sure what type of prefab home would fit best with your lifestyle, consider asking friends or family members who may have already purchased one themselves. If all else fails, feel free to ask them about their experiences so far!



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