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Top 10 modern eco friendly inventions


modern eco friendly inventionsSince the invention of eco friendly alternatives such as solar panels and wind turbines, several companies have taken their shot at producing eco friendly alternatives for a more sustainable lifestyle. Knowing that just powering on eco friendly energy is not enough to save our planet, many companies and businesses are now investing heavily to bring new green solutions to the general public. Here are some of the top modern eco friendly inventions in the world.

Fruit Fiber Leather

Leather may be considered as a sign of luxury, but the process of producing as well as disposing it causes irreplaceable damage to the environment. Thankfully, people in the Philippines seem to have found the solution. The Philippines is one of the largest producers of pineapples in the world. Pineapple leaves are tough and are able to withstand even the greatest of pressures, which is why disposing them properly has been a problem for many. 

Carmen Hijosa, a spanish leather expert found an opportunity to exploit this trait by creating an eco friendly material that has the same texture as genuine leather, called Piñatex. It is used to create handbags, purses and even shoes. Piñatex has gained immense success over the years and continues to do so among the environment conscious buyers.


With the previous product catering to the wants for the rich and wealthy, this eco friendly contraption caters for the needs of the poor. Billions of people around the world, especially in Africa, do not have access to clean, drinking water, and the costs to produce and maintain a filter plant is too high especially for countries that are unable to afford on a large scale. 

For this purpose, LifeStraw aims to provide a portable water filter for families, which cleans out unwanted bacteria, harmful chemicals and suspended solids. It is also great for people who love to travel in the wilderness. LifeStraw has decided to donate one of it’s straws to the needy families for every item sold through their website, so it’s a win win for both!

Sustainable Tent

Ever thought of having a living space that would automatically supply you free water, give you free electricity and fold up flat at the same time? Introducing, sustainable tent, one of the most interesting modern eco friendly inventions on our list. Inspired by snake’s skin, the sustainable tent was created by Abeer Seikaly, a Jordan-Canadian architect whose mission was to provide a better living space for refugees who have been displaced by the wars and are seeking shelter. The sustainable tent is not only a huge sigh of relief for the refugees, but also helps them create small colonies so they can get their lives back on track. 

Bicycle powered electricity

You might have seen this before, mostly in movies or cartoons, where a bicycle is used to generate electricity powering several contraptions. Although this may seem far fetched, it really isn’t. This invention uses a stationary bike to produce enough electricity to last an entire day, powering several light bulbs, a fan and a phone charger all at the same time. All it needs is an hour of workout on the bike and you have free sustainable energy for the next 24 hours!

Solar Cooker

Cooking food is an essential part of every home, and the electricity or gas used to create that food isn’t always eco-friendly, especially when it’s coming from fossil fuels! Thankfully, solar cookers are the solution to this problem. A specialized cooker which uses reflective surfaces to direct sunlight towards the food, which can reach temperatures as high as 400 degrees!

Several companies are producing solar cookers with different additional features. Although solar cookers are a relatively older invention, today, there are over 300 different types of solar cookers available in the market, each with their own unique traits. If you want to be more hands-on, you can always create your own solar cooker at home.

Seabin Project

Millions of tons of waste gets dumped into the oceans every single day, and with the waters of the world becoming more and more contaminated, it is pivotal to find a solution that would help reduce the amount of waste, so marine life can live in peace, and humans can find cleaner water to drink.

In 2014, two travellers, Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinksi, thought of having a trash bin, similar to that on land, to collect all the waste that was lying in the sea and oceans. However, the challenge was to preserve marine life while doing it, and hence they created the Seabin Project, with an aim to clear the oceans of all contamination. Today, there are over 700 seabins installed in 50 countries worldwide.

Eco Friendly Hosting

With the introduction of the digital age, there has been a huge intake of computers and electronic hardware. With millions of servers sucking several gigawatts of energy every single second and producing tons of greenhouse gases every day, the digital industry is no less than a hazard for the environment.

However, some companies are trying to do their bit to save the environment, one of which is a unique concept called eco friendly hosting, introduced by a hosting company named GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks invests 3 times in the Bournville Foundation UK for every single ampere of power sucked in from their servers, hence given the term 300% eco friendly.

Biodegradable Bags

Plastic bags are without a doubt one of the most common pollutants on the planet. With over 100 billion plastic bags consumed each year in the US alone, and with only 1 percent of those actually being recycled, the need to cut off use of plastic bags in our daily lives has become absolutely critical.

Thankfully, companies around the globe are making use of relatively more eco friendly substances as alternatives to plastic bags, which are biodegradable and decompose within a few months. We still have a long way to go, but this is a step in the right direction.

Air Ink

One way to reduce pollution is to recycle it. You can recycle solid and liquid wastes, but can you reuse air pollution? It seems that the guys at the Graviky Labs have figured it out. Using pollution expelled from car and factory exhausts, the air ink aims to help reduce the carbon footprint by fusing the black matter into water and then packaging as ink. The ink can be used for pens, paints and even clothing printing. Air ink has saved over 700 tonnes of carbon from being released in the air, and has 3 fortune 500 clients in it’s portfolio, with many more to add in the future. 

Edible water bottle

modern eco friendly inventionsEver wondered where all those water bottles go when you throw them in the trash can? Well obviously they don’t just fly away! Plastic water bottles are one of the largest pollutants on our planet, and the damage they’re causing to our environment is simply unthinkable.

However, the guys at NotPla have created what may well be the greatest modern eco friendly invention of our time; a transparent packaging made from seaweed that you can eat along with your water! And if you don’t like to eat some seaweed, you can always throw it in the trash without a worry, because it will decompose naturally in just a few days. 



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